"deuce you"?

It was kind of funny...my little sister was telling me a story about my youngest sister telling her after-school teacher (who is a college student, and male) "Ima deuce you" she didn't know what it meant, so my other sister whispered in her ear and told her, then her "teacher" said "and I definitely don't have one of those" and then they began laughing. Now, I know most slang terms that are used but I'm unfamiliar with "deucing" someone...I have a feeling what it may be, but I'm not sure, so if anybody knows...enlighten me. thanks.

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    Deuce may refer to:

    * The number two

    * DEUCE, a British commercial computer built by English Electric in the 1950s

    * Deuce (character), a character from the webcomic Jerkcity

    In sports and card games

    * A playing card with the number two; in most games the lowest-ranked card

    * Deuce-to-seven low, a method for evaluating low hands in poker

    * A term used in tennis to refer to a 40-40 score, see Tennis: History

    * Deuce McAllister, an American football player for the New Orleans Saints

    * American Football (soccer) player Clint Dempsey

    In entertainment:

    * Jimmy Reiher, Jr. a professional wrestler using the ring name "Deuce"

    * Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo, a 1999 comedy film starring Rob Schneider

    * Little Deuce Coupe, a 1963 album by The Beach Boys

    * Fire Deuce, a musical band who Travis Stever is a part of

    * Deuces Wild, a 2002 film starring Johnny Knoxville

    * Deuce (band), a UK pop band from the mid '90s

    * Deuce (Beautiful Creatures Album), an album by glam-metal band Beautiful Creatures

    * Deuce (album), an album by rapper The D.O.C.

    * Deuce (Korn DVD), a music DVD released by Korn

    * Deuce (Rory Gallagher), a 1971 album by Rory Gallagher

    * Deuce (song), a song on Kiss' debut, self-titled album

    * ESPN 2, a sports television network nicknamed "the deuce"

    In the US Military:

    * "Ma Deuce", a slang term for the M2 Browning machine gun

    * "Deuce and a Half", a slang term for the M35 2-1/2 ton cargo truck

    Deuce may also refer to:

    * "Deuce - deuce and a half." Referring to a woman weighing between 200 & 250 pounds.

    * "Deuce" -When someone smokes half of a cigarette and gives it to someone else "Can i get deuce on that cigg?"

    * The Deuce, double-decker buses serving the Las Vegas Strip

    * Deuce coupe, a slang term for the 1932 Ford Model B car

    * The 'common name' for the Harley-Davidson FXSTD/FXSTDI model motorcycle (Softail Deuce)

    * "The Deuce" or "Ace Deuce", nicknames for Ann Arbor, Michigan

    * A slang term for feces, related to the euphemism "Number 2".

    * A name for the devil, usually used as a mild oath, for example, "What the deuce is going on here?" and "What the Deuce?"

    * "Deuce-Deuce" - Urban slang for a .22 calibre pistol or a gun.

    * "Deuce-Deuce" - Also urban slang for a 22 oz. bottle of beer or malt liquor.

    * "Deuce" - a slang term for a bag of cannabis costing $20.

    * "Deuce" - used to denote the two-finger peace sign used as a valediction.

    * A police term for a suspect being intoxicated, "Unit 194 pedestrian in roadway possible deuce."

    * "Deuce," California Criminal Law: Common usage for a Driving Under the Influence case or suspect. Cal. Vehicle Code sec. 23152.

    * Piotrek Połoz under the artist name of Deuce

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    You are technically right in that at 30-30, just like at 40-40, you need 2 points to win the game. So both could be considered a 'deuce' or a tie. The however is that 40-40 differs from 30-30 in that at 40-40, at least 6 points have been played already to a tie, versus only 4 points for 30-30. Since 4 points are needed to win, calling deuce at 30-30 seems a bit premature since it is only 2-2, versus 3-3 for the 40-40 score.

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