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My cat is going to the bathroom on my new leather couch.?

I just got a new leather couch and have had it about 3 weeks. I also just changed my cat's litter to a new kind. He has started peeing and defecating on my couch and it leaves a stain. I have added some former litter back into the pan. as I think it upset him to have new litter. Does anyone think the leather has something to do with it?

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    1.) The change in litter may actually be the culprit. He/She may not like the new at all. Attempt filling the litter with the old litter and see how it goes.

    2.) The cat, as awful as it sounds, may be marking new territory. It's a new object.

    3.) Most topical cleaners don't get rid of a smell of where they've gone to the bathroom. WE can't smell it anymore, but a cat with their heightened sense of smell, can. You may want to invest in a non-toxic enzyme cleaner that will break down the traces we can't see, or a spot spray that neutralizes odor. There should be several available through your local pet store and vet.

    4.) Keep in mind that defecation and urinating outside of the box suddenly is ALSO a sign that something MAY be seriously wrong with kitty. I advise that if at all possible, take him to the Vet for a regular check up just to see how he is doing.

    I hope that things improve for you, your cat, and your couch!

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    cats do like leather, but keep trying to find the perfect litter! if your cat ever does something bad, tap he/she above his/her nose, he/she will get the hint that its bad. but make sure you tap your cat on the upper nose every time he/she does something bad, otherwise, he will now get the hint!!

  • 5 years ago

    she may not like using the pottie outside u can try toilet training her yes it can be done and teach her how to flush too u can buy the kit in pet stores or online

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