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Who thinks that APOLO ANTON OHNO should take home the DANCING WITH THE STARS mirror ball trophy on May 21st?

Why or why not? Will you support him still as an athlete after his DWTS stint?

Please indicate the name of your state. Thanks for your participation. Have a great day always...


Please don't forget to indicate the name of your state... Thanks...

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    Apollo is Awesome!!!!! I think he should totally win!!!!!! He and Juliane are so great together. His precision is right on, as well as his moves. He makes it look so easy!!!! I can't wait until the semi-finals!!! (I'm from NH since you requested to know)

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    After Cheryl got voted off (who was my favorite) Yes, I'm rooting for Apolo. He and Juliane are sooooo cute together and they bring in fresh, new dance move that excites the audience.

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    I LOVE Apolo!!!!!! I think he is going to win. The way he moves around the dance floor..... I can't wait to see what he does in the finals!!! He should win hands down!!!

    I'm from Washington...........

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    He just keeps getting better and better. I loved their "raunchy" number and can't wait to see what is gonna come out of his and Julianne's sleeve this Monday.

    New York Baby! Upstate.

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    he who dances best should win,as far as dwts stint (got no idea what you mean) only watch the show at commercials and from what I see that guy joe seems to have more movement in his dance.Style or not their both good thanks to leno,letterman,kimmel,conan,king&harpo!

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    I want him to win soooo bad! I am for sure going to vote.

  • 1 decade ago

    Yes... i toatly thinks so... he is so cute and sweet... i love him!

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