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Nearly 20 years ago, someone quoted from a book entitled "The Light of the World" attributed to Thomas Edison.

Has anyone else ever heard of this and if so, know how to get hold of a copy or is it out-of-print?

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    The only two that I have heard of (and own) are "Thomas Alva Edison - Benefactor of Mankind" (copyright 1931 so the book is most definitely out of print)

    and "A Century of Light" (printed 1978 - most likely out of print too)

    The only way I could suggest finding one of these books is by spending some time in used-book bookstores or antique shops. (that's how I found both of my books)

    Source(s): "Thomas A. Edison - Benfactor of Mankind" written by Francis Trevelyan Miller copyright 1931 "A Century of Light" written by James A. Cox published 1978
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