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what do you think of the mexico roster hugo sanchez picked out today?


Goalkeepers: Oswaldo Sanchez (Santos Laguna), Guillermo Ochoa (America), Jesus Corona (Tecos UAG), Luis Michel (Guadalajara)

Defenders: Rafael Marquez (Barcelona), Ricardo Osorio (Stuttgart), Carlos Salcido (PSV Eindhoven), Jonny Magallon (Guadalajara), Jose Antonio Castro (America), Israel Castro (Pumas UNAM), Francisco Rodriguez (Guadalajara), Ramon Morales (Guadalajara), Jaime Lozano (Tigres UANL), Fausto Pinto (Pachuca)

Midfielders: Pavel Pardo (Stuttgart), Gerardo Torrado (Cruz Azul), Jaime Correa (Pachuca), Alberto Medina (Guadalajara), Gonzalo Pineda (Guadalajara), Fernando Arce (Morelia), Andres Guardado (Atlas)

Forwards: Cuauhtemoc Blanco (America), Jared Borgetti (Cruz Azul), Omar Bravo (Guadalajara), Adolfo Bautista (Guadalajara), Francisco Fonseca (Tigres UANL), Juan Carlos Cacho (Pachuca), Nery Castillo (Olympiakos).

wich player surprises you that is on the list and who deserves to b on the list?

player that surprises me is Mitchel....i knew he was good but...


list is right here

he annouced it 2day im da mornin

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  • Rafa!
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    Wow i am so excited thanks for posting the list. I can't wait !!!! This has to be the best Mexican team i have seen ever. With this team we can win both Copa America and Copa Oro. I am impressed by Hugo Sanchez. What a great list of players. I can't wait.

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    First of all I would like you to know that I am NOT a Chivas fan but i don't hate them. I have no problem with them,unless they are playing against Pumas, and I even prefer them better than I do America.=]] But Sanchez won't pick all of these Chivas players. It's too much. I think he will pick Carlos Salcido,Gonzalo Pineda, and maybe Omar Bravo. I'm not too sure on Omar because of his performance in the World Cup. It wasn't what I thought it would be.Araujo is simply too young and doesn't have enough experience in La Seleccion Mexicana. Alberto Medina also had a good chance of being called up, he is going through a great moment right now. Morales might be called up but he is getting kind of old. Bofo won't be called up because he spends most of his time on the floor whining instead of playing. Maza also has a good chance of being called up.I think that it is a good idea that Chivas will be the base of the team because they are ranked 23 in the world according to FIFA.

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    I didn't like J.J Corona......I think Conejo Perez is doing better and deserves to be there......I wonder why didn't he called Mario Mendez.....I don't like Israel Castro.....also, I know there would be so many chivas, but I would have call Diego Martinez insetad of Castro o Pinto......Huiqui had a good tournament too........

    Aaron Galindo is doing good at Europe.....he was great at 2005 confederations cup ( before he was kicked off from the tournament ) .....I guess he should have been called too

    I'm glad to see Nery Castillo on the list and I'm sure he'll do a great work......we really need somebody scoring goals.....he'll make a great duo with Blanco, Bautista or Bravo......

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    I don't agree with Hugo taking Michel, Sanchez, Israel Castro, Bautista, Blanco or Castillo. Michel and Sanchez aren't very good at this point in time and just look at how well Ochoa has been doing in Libertadores and the Ligilla. There are better players for the position I. Castro plays in like: Gonzalo Pineda, Manuel de la Torre and Fernando Salazar. Bofo and Temo are both good players don't get me wrong but they lack speed which Mexico needs. Castillo is just going to find an excuse to wait for Greece to get him.

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  • This list is packed with superstars that will bring mexico a tighter team. All of the new faces will also bring in breater depth and a chance for variations, which is unlike Ricardo LaVolpe's list and more Hugo Sanchez. This also reflects how chivas has been playing because of the 8 called up. I hope Nery plays because hes a machine.

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    Im all chiva! so honestly i am not surprise with the list, im glad with the chivistas that are on there. Although im not too happy with blanco and borgetti......and sadly fonseca well im not a big fan of his either. I would want to see Carlos Ochoa, and yeah Mario mendez....i like how he plays. They should take el gringo castro out and put someone else!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Juan Carlos Cacho surprised me, and Carlos Morales should be on the list. Is Nery gonna play for Mexico after all?

  • 1 decade ago

    Its a solid list, I like Michel in there, he needs some int. caps cuz Sanchez isnt gonna be there for 2010. I think Landin is a big omission and Borgetti should not be there. I honestly have no idea how Mendez is doing with Velez Sarfield so i don't know if he deserved a call up. HE SHOULD HAVE TAKEN GIOVANNI DOS SANTOS AND SURPRISED EVERYBODY!!!

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    I like the list. It isn't half bad. Unfortenately, Mexico does lack the depth that Argentina and Brazil have in order to win the Copa America. Though im very confident in this teams capability to win La Copa de Oro with almost no challenge.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    this is an awesome list prolly one of the best and im really happy that he got juan carlos cacho since is a really good player but i aslo wanted luis angel landin instead of fonseca since landin always gets the job done while fonseca has lost his form after going to europe but anyways this is definately a great list that can win both tournaments so yes we rock


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