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How bout a Big 10 - SEC Challenge:?

Just like the Big 10 and the ACC do in basketball

how great would it be to see the #1 Big 10 team play the #1 SEC team in the first game of the next season and so on down the line

OBVIOUSLY not plausable

and it will never happen but it's fun to imagine right

-note- I realize most people are going to be ignorant/biased about this

so ask yourself this before you answer like

"OH the ______ conference would 100% destroy the ____"

have you answered a question today with something other than your favorite team or conference being the best?

(LSUsomething for an example)

and then try and be as objective as you can.

Ohio State v. Florida

Wisconsin v. Arkansas

Michigan v. LSU

Penn State v. Auburn

Purdue v. Tennessee

Minnesotta v. Georgia

Indiana v. Kentucky

Iowa v. South Carolina

Northwestern v. Alabama

Michigan State v. Ol' Miss

Illinois v. Vandy

-hope i got those matchups right-

but i see it being dam even 6-5 either way



who wants to watch Indiana or Kentucky play anybody....

why not let them play eachother

and why focus my efforts on something that gets beat to death without anything ever being accomplished....

instead....i chose to bring something new/somewhat entertaining to the table

Update 2:

Well I knew LSUballs would chime in and be an idiot....

but i didn't expect anything as stupid as "Ol' Miss could win the big 10"

and to the guy who actually went at each matchup.....didn't Arkansas have McFadden last time they played Wisconsin?

Update 3:


I'm not proposing the matchup....I'm saying it would be interesting

and when did i say that florida wouldn't slaughter Ohio State....

I hate Ohio State and i think it's pretty obvious that this years Florida team would woop on them like last year

I also would give Auburn the win over my favorite team Penn State

Where do you even get any evidence that I'm bias?

every single answer I've seen from you either declares LSU the number one team next year, JRussel the best college prospect in years, or the SEC wooping a "soft" big 10

in one of your earlier posts you sited the big 10 getting hammered when going against other power conferences

but didn't mention Penn State beaging Tennessee last year or Wisconsin over Arkansas

I'm clearly not the bias one of the two of us

Update 4:


Oh and have a good weekend

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    ok well Im a UGA fan so SEC is my fave conf. but I will be as unbiased as possible.

    Florida over OSU we seen it in the nat'l champ.

    Ark over Wisc. D-mac is crazy

    LSU over the blue despite losing Russell Landry and Bowe, the D is still powerful and fast

    Penn State over Aub, Joe Paterno is just something u have to account for

    Tennessee over purdue, Tennessee was on more of a development year last year but this year they should be a mature group, despite losing Robert Meachem

    Indiana over Kentucky, Kentucky has alotta D problems and Indiana has an alright O

    S. Car. over Iowa, I think Steve Spurrier will shape the gamecocks into more of a contending team this year

    Alabame over NW because Alabama has a good running game, and NW's Lb's aren't athletic enough to account for it

    MSU over Ole Miss, MSU is a good team overall even after losing their QB, they have a solid D that slowed down alot of good offenses last year

    Vandy over Illinois, Vandy showed flashes of potential last year and dind't lose any big players and Illionois wasn't much of a competitor last year.

    my count.

    My biggest reason for taking the SEC over the Big 10 any way is because OSU completely dominated their division and then lost miserably to Florida. Florida had many close games and did lose in their Conf. so just on this assumption alone shows that SEC is alil tougher.

    My score 8-3 SEC

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  • 1 decade ago

    It would be a wonderful opportunity to see conferences match up across the board. Will it happen? No. Heck, the Big Ten-ACC basketball challenge is in trouble with the Big Ten's choice to go to 18 conference games.

    Too many middle to bottom feeders in football need a Sun Belt and MAC opponent in hopes of being Bowl eligible. Forcing a game against an SEC opponent will only make the Bowl bids more difficult, and endanger some traditional matchups - Notre Dame / Michigan, Notre Dame / Michigan St., Notre Dame / Purdue, etc. I can't picture letting Notre Dame schedule more patsies because the Big Ten traditional opponents replaced them with the Big Ten - SEC challenge. That will screw over the second teams in both conferences more than the competition will help them.

    SEC - Big Twelve might be even more interesting. Somehow I don't think the I-AA, C-USA and Sun Belt opponents some of the Big 12 opponents feast on will mind being replaced by the SEC.

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  • 4 years ago

    Definitely SEC but let's not give more credit to the SEC than is due! There are weak teams in the conference this year! Ole Miss and Miss St are never any good, Vanderbilt, Arkansas and Kentucky won't be nearly as good as last year, Alabama, South Carolina and Auburn are some of the streakiest teams in the nation. They have alot of talent but who knows how good they are going to be! Tennessee will be about the same. And LSU will take a small step back because last year the team had a good offense but there defense was the key and they lost important pieces with a QB that no one knows his name! That leaves the only real powerhouses as Georgia and Florida. What are you talking about with teams uniting? Who does that? Only SEC fans root for the "rivals" and the conference!!! That's like saying Cowboys and Giants fans should unite! That is honestly the dumbest thing I have ever heard in my life!!!!!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    That would be good ,but how about have the games scheduled years in advance.What I mean is each Big 10 team would have 1 SEC team on their schedule. Each year the SEC would have a team that was not scheduled to play a Big 10 team and they could have someone like Notre Dame.It could be Big10/Notre Dame-SEC challenge.You have a great idea,I know scheduling can be a problem but that's one reason for scheduling the games in advance.The games you have above which all would be great matchups

    My Prediction

    Ohio St/Florida=Florida



    Penn St./Auburn= Auburn




    Iowa/So. Carolina=So. Carolina


    Mishigan St./Ole Miss=Michigan St.


    and then add in Notre Dame/Mississippi St.=Notre Dame

    That's alot more money and attendance coming in

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  • 1 decade ago

    Umm....I believe that's happened. The "best" of the Big 10 played for 2 championships, and LOST both times.

    You know....that whole little Ohio State losing to Florida deal? The only ones that would be a Big 10 win there, and that's maybe, would be Wisconsin over Arkansas and Michigan State over Ol'Miss. THAT'S IT.

    Face it, the only thing the Big 10 has a huge advantage over the SEC is Ice Hockey.

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  • 1 decade ago

    i am a gator fan and would love to see the matchups the only thing is you dont know who the top team is in the SEC every year but it would be great to see and would definately help strength of schedule for both conferences and make college football alot more exciting GO GATORS!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Im going to be ignorant for a change a put it out there. Big 10 football sucks A$$. Ole Miss could win the Big Ten.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    OH the __Southeastern____ conference would 100% destroy the _Big 10___"


    Your profile says:

    "About me: if I've insulted you it was probably for a few reasons:

    - people in general annoy me

    - I can't help myself from saying something when somebody's clearly being an idiot

    - and, I think that if idiots aren't told that they're idiots, they'll never learn....and therefore continue annoying people throughout their lives"


    "- If I’ve touched on your use of Caps Lock, “your” instead of “you’re”, or “alot” instead of “a lot”…..again…’s partly because it annoys me, and honestly, partly because I want people to learn."


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  • 1 decade ago

    Boy, that's fair for all of the other teams in other conferences.

    Who in their right mind would want to watch Indiana v. Kentucky in football?

    Why don't you refocus your enthusiasm and push for a national playoff system for NCAA Div. 1 Football instead? This makes more sense.

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  • Chad K
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    1 decade ago

    It would be great to bad like you said it won't happen.

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