This whole Jesus thing confuse me??

I'm not confused about the islamic story very clear very simple

but the story of the christians is the part I don't get

why did he die for our sins ?? if he is son of god coudn't he just tell ""the father to forgive us"" ??

how can a god or part of god be killed by humans??

tow nails and across killed a god?!!!!

if he was killed does that mean that there where a period that 1/3 of god was dead???

if he choosed to die and rised again and never felt pain then what kind of sacrifice is that??

how can agod feel pain in first place??

why does a god need food to survive (last dinner)?? doesn't that mean he isn't perfect??


sorry for misspelling it's

two nails and a cross

Update 2:

to(salahuldin) yeah this mathematics stuff confuse me too

to ( loa s) thanks

to (The Weasel) yeah i know this story but you didn't answer my question!!

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    So true brother, add to the fact that supposedly, Isa(rali)......needs brides(brides of Christ/nuns).....too......was it some sort of trade off between father and son....?!!?......Christianity is full of pot-holes.....yet they try to criticize us on our faith....trying to come up with some cock and bull story......that is the key to their faith.......trying to justify themselves....sorry sods.....

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  • 1 decade ago

    Let me see if I can answer this without going all Christian on you. I'll probably draw a lot of flak from die-hard Bible-thumpers for this, but here goes:

    "if he is son of god coudn't he just tell ""the father to forgive us"" ??"

    When was the last time your dad forgave you in his mind and it made a difference in your life?

    We're humans, we need tangible lessons.

    "how can a god or part of god be killed by humans??"

    Who says he was killed?

    Perhaps he was perceived to have been killed. Don't be fooled by the words, "He died on the cross." Those are human words. They're a translation of a translation of a translation. Why do you think Islam insists that the original Quran is the only Word? And by that insistence, obviates any debate on it in any other language, which is a side effect, I might add.

    "tow nails and across killed a god?!!!!"

    Unless you're referring to some esoteric crossword puzzle, I presume you mean two nails and a cross.

    Now, who said he was a god? He was "A man like us in all things but sin." I realise I leave the argument open to being shot down by my previous argument, that we're debating a translation of a translation of a translation here. But heck, even the translations don't say he was god while he was here.

    "If he was killed does that mean that there where a period that 1/3 of god was dead???"

    Please read the previous paragraph.

    "if he choosed to die and rised again and never felt pain then what kind of sacrifice is that??"

    Where does it say he never felt pain? Even translations of translations of translations can't get it that wrong.

    "how can agod feel pain in first place??"

    Refer to "A man like us..." mentioned earlier.

    "why does a god need food to survive (last dinner)?? doesn't that mean he isn't perfect??"


    I realise that this isn't going to make even a dent in your armour of "I am right and the whole world is wrong, just because I think so" but there it is. You asked, I answered. Discard at will.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The whole Bible was/is a learning tool...a study book...with lots of lessons given to us in ways that "man" can understand and identify with.

    In the Old Testament, God was getting pretty "fed up" with His chosen children, the Jews, and time and time again, He was telling them that just because they were the race God preferred, they shouldn't be so self assured that God would ALWAYS place them first regardless of what they do or say, and the door was opened to the rest of God's creations to become "children of God" through His Son, Jesus.

    Not having the history with God as the Jews had, we Gentiles had to have something/someONE that we could identify with... Jesus's comming was spoken of in the Old wasn't just a "sudden" decision for Him to make an appearance.

    God had to show us just how much He and His Son loved us, and that He wouldn't tell us to do anything they wouldn't do (ie: Abraham"s choice), Jesus lived and breathed and died as a MAN...He ROSE as the Spiritual Being/SAVIOR that He WAS/IS.

    Jesus was in full agreement of what was to be....He wasn't "ordered" to do it...He did it because of LOVE, and because mankind needed help against satan....and we were judged "worthy" for this to be so.

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  • 1 decade ago

    God is a perfect God. Adam & Eve sinned. Man can NEVER be "good enough" for God, and God loves people so much that he doesn't want any to perish. John 3:16 "God so loved the world that He sent His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life." That was Jesus' way of asking the Father to forgive us. You need to watch "The Passion of the Christ".... Jesus felt EVERYTHING. He is God in human form. He felt the physical pain, the emotional pain of rejection, love for everyone, righteous anger regarding the blasphemous Pharisees, and pity for those in need. He PERFECTLY fulfilled every prophecy spoken about Him hundreds of years before His birth and He was the PERFECT sacrifice to atone for man's sin.

    He died for YOU and He felt every nail that pierced His body FOR YOU and the sword that pierced His side, and He's waiting for you with arms open's up to you.

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  • 1 decade ago

    For the first answer no he could not just tell his father to forgive us. To understand this you first need to know the lead up for this is. Before Jesus the only way to b forgiven was through various sacrifices, such as that of a perfect lamb. Now Jesus was the perfect lamb in that he was the only sacrifice that could allow us to be forgiven. The second part of the question has to do with he was the son of God, so that means that he was subject to the authority of the father. It was through the fathers sacrifice of his son that was why we could be forgiven.

    The next question is one that is a little hard to wrap your brain around. Jesus was fully man and fully God. So he was privy to all the emotions and feelings that we feel. He humbled himself to the lowest of men. He felt hunger and pain. As a baby he humbled himself as to soil himself. He allowed himself to be taken and killed, if he had wanted he could have called legions of angels. But instead he suffered and died. It is kind of tough to wrap your head around the basic concept that he was fully man and fully God though.

    Your question if God was 1/3 dead, I really don't know and I don't know if I will ever know the answer to that question.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You are missing the point . God took human form to feel exactly what we feel and show us how to rise above the pain and sin . He needed to show us ( and this is one rare occasion Christians use symbols ) that he felt all our pain and took all of the sin and put it on his shoulder , at that point Jesus could not be in contact with God and he truly was alone for the first time . I emphasize the word feeling . He needed to feel it all in order for us to understand . It was the plan from the start . The Resurrection was to be the proof that he is indeed God made man . ( We humans need examples , and proof ) . The last supper was the culminating effect to his plan as he looked at Judas and said " Go do what you must " who was indwelt by the Lucifer . It was also to prepare his apostles of what was coming . As stated earlier he felt all we felt and the proof to that was when he felt fear and asked his father to " pass this cup - If there were any other way ? "

    Source(s): Dont confuse Father and son with the litteral meaning . The term was used to differenciate between the two . They all were ( including the holy spirit ) 3 sided to the same being . Omnipresent , omnipotent , and omniscence
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    This is my understanding of the trinity and of the crucifiction, I hope this helps. Bear in mind, as I am no excpert for any religion in particular, this is my opinion.

    I've always viewed the history, immaculate conception and divinity of Christ.

    God created the earth in his image and created humans as one of his great "inventions" (if you will). God doesn't want people to have a relationship with him simply because they have to (The difference between Angels and Humans in both the Islamic faith and in Christianity is that humans are placed above angels because of their free will to decide on whether or not to have a relationship with God). Humans are born neither inheritaly good nor evil but with the choice to do either and the choice to do right and be closer with God is what elevates someone in God's eyes.

    Okay, with that said.....Here goes, bear with me.

    God is perfect and therefore does not understand what is not perfect. In order for God and humans to understand eachother, God came down to earth in the form of man, mortal man, to understand what free will was all about. (If you look at the biblical texts, God is all knowing, all seeing and all present so can be in more than one place at once).

    Jesus, who God was living through (think of a posession, in a good way) was seen as a threat (he was called the New Born King, Don't know about you but I wouldn't want someone walking around threatening something that I was responsible for). The laws in that time stated that people who "broke the law" (even though Jesus didn't really "break" the law, just was seen as a threat to the King) were to be crucified.

    His death on the cross is a symbol of his love for creation. God wanting to understand his creation so much that he would destroy himself so that they could live. does that make sense? His resurection on the third day is a symbol that God overcomes all.

    All of your questions should be answered with that. Sorry if it seems so jumbled, only trying to help! :).

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  • Tom
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    1 decade ago

    Thats a good question but ive said it once and Ill say it again, religion is just something people made up to scare us like when our parents scared us with make believe monsters like the boogey man or Michael Jackson but this video will explain alot.

    Youtube thumbnail

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  • 1 decade ago

    why? because it's more complicated than that.

    sin by Hebrew definition refers to a moral debt, and debts need to be paid sooner or later. since everyone is accountable for their own sins, everyone has to pay. the wages of sin is death, so you had to die for your own sins. animal blood was a temporary payment for sins as you were going to do it again, basically guaranteed.

    why does blood pay for sins? I don't know. it's refered to as the "lifeblood" in Hebrew. Jesus, having God's own blood, being His Son, had the blood that could potentially pay for all the sins of every human being who accepted Him as Lord and Savior. since blood was only the payment through sacrifice, accepting Christ is like giving that sacrifice.

    Jesus' human body was just that: a human body. Jesus on the inside, His soul, was God, but His body was still mortal. He became man; He lived to die.

    again, human. I'm pretty sure losing 2/3 of your blood, being forced to manually lift your own cross-beam and then being sent up on a cross with your lungs collapsing, punctured side, flogged back and impaled skull would kill anybody.

    the God part of Him cannot die. the human part, just a tool, was dead. that's all your body really is; a tool for your soul to live on earth.

    no pain? He said Himself that as a man He felt rejected by God (the other 2/3), He was spit at, He was tortured, flogged, mocked, had thorns driven into His head bruising the bone, nails in His hands, bleeding to death, He was rejected by men especially those of His own religion, had a splintered cross, His friends deserted Him, He could see His mother crying, lungs failing, people dividing up His clothes....

    like I said, He had a human body. if I slapped you, wouldn't you feel it?

    human. you're not grasping the concept very well, are you? Allah is more limited than the Trinity. does that mean Allah is imperfect?

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  • 1 decade ago

    Christ died for our sins in order to take the punishment that we deserved. God is Holy and he is Just. We have failed to follow his 10 commandments and we deserve eternal punishment. Christ came as a mediator to take our place.

    Jesus, while fully God, was also fully man. He emptied himself of all the privileges of the godhead so that he could become like us.

    Two nails and a cross did not kill Jesus. The Father killed Jesus. It was his good pleasure to put Christ to death so that we could go free.

    Jesus felt real hunger and real pain. He was tortured before his crucifixtion and bled real trails of blood. That was Jesus in his humaness.

    Now the man, Jesus Christ, has been raised from the dead and ascended into Heaven and now is seated at the the right hand of God. Someday you, yes you, will stand before this Holy Judge and give an account for you life. He commands all men everywhere to bow down to his majesty and authority.

    He commands that you repent of your sins and believe on Him for eternal life. He is the only way, the only truth and the only life.

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  • 1 decade ago

    these questions is REAL GOOD,i think about it,and i see atheory said that jesus is a massanger of god,it is make me more satisfied,BUT also even if he is not god ,he is aprofit,it is hard to believe that god allow his profit to lose its mission even though more profits in history were die by killing! but they succeed by making people believe in one god and some concepts,so the islamic story may be logical in that god save the jesus and yahootha ''jesus enemy'' become similar to him in face as apunishment or damn from god then thy killed him

    Source(s): my heart that have lot of love and respect to jesus
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