Should Russian internet servers be boycotted by servers in the rest of the world?

Putin accused of launching cyber war,20867...


Russian government computers are launching cyber attacks against servers in Estonia. If I did that, my ISP would cancel me. If my ISP allowed me to do launch cyber-attacks, I would expect my ISP to be disconnected by other servers, in self-defense. If the Russian government is launching cyber-attacks, every ISP under the physical control of the Russian government should be disconnected from the web, in self-defense. Freedom of disassociation is the most fundamental freedom of all.

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    No! We need to spam them in retaliation for what they've done to Estonia! Go to and make the page load a few dozen times. Then send a bunch of emails to the contacts listed there.

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    Luckily, the rest of the world doesn't give a crap about Estonia...

    And why should the relations between, let's say, Russia and France suffer, just because estonians have a problem with Russia? The last time I checked, Estonia was not a superpower that could dictate it's will to people all over the world.

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    That's a tough one Ray ... I think that it is an interesting idea. However, I don't think that we should get involved in this one.

    There are other reasons to block out servers from Russia. A lot of Spam, viruses, and general fraud comes out of there, also pornography galore.

    However, if we block servers from a particular country it sets a huge precedent, before you know it other countries could block us out ...

    Also, let's say that AT+T and Verizon have a sudden monopoly over the servers and begin to impose content filters, like making some addresses more accessible than others.

    This is all speculation on my part. Unless somebody can inform me otherwise, my instincts say to leave it alone.

    The internet is one of the last strongholds of our "freedom of choice" ... maybe we should keep it as is, and accept its pittfalls.

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    Absolutely not. This is the one safe place that government hasn't regulated, YET!

    Source(s): My opinion only. Thank you.
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    then where would we go for our porn??

  • CT
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