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The First Katana Sword?

When was the first Katana sword forged? What year?

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    I'm not sure what year, but how the sword progression went:

    Straight blades, then when horses were introduced, the warriors (samurai didn't exist as yet) who used horses wore the Tachi (an overly curved sword designed to be able to draw from a seated horseback position, and wore blade down).

    Then when the samurai came about and swords were used more in duels of honor/street fights rather than full scale wars, the blades became a little straighter and that is what the katana is called. The katana became straighter, little shorter (because it didn't have to be so curved), and was worn blade up; in accordance with what we know today as their katana is their soul. I do not believe this mindset existed before the samurai. Atleast not as we know it. Ofcourse a warrior would value their lose their sword/weapon meant they probably lost their life too.

    Search Nobunaga Oda and Warring States period in japan for better dates. Tokugawa Shogunate was from 16??-1887? That's when the Samurai solidified they new status. After 1887?, that was the Meiji Restoration and the wearing of swords in public was outlawed. *to help get rid of the samurai*

    As for your question.....are you asking when the first katana was made, or the first japanese sword? Because as I have stated, the katana were not the first japanese swords.

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    Im not sure you will be able to find this answer as an absolute. The Katana blade was an evolved blade based on the needs of battle.

    That said, the first Katana as a weapon of the Samurai and Bushi was probably somewhere shortly before the 5th century AD. That is about when horses were introduced to Japanese wars, which would require a longer sword to fight with.

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    some time in the 1400s ad

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    Your mom

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    not sure, I know wood was used for practiceing and other things.

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