Do the detailed European train stations have public shower facilities?

Frankfurt, DE > Amsterdam, NL > Paris, FR > Barcelona, ES > Nice, FR > Venice, IT > Munich, DE. Eight day rail tour and will sleep on train between cities. I'm not staying the night anywhere, so I would prefer not to book any hostels. I've spent two years in Germany, but do not live there anymore.

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    Well I can say for sure that Venice train station has shower facilities.

    And in Paris there are shower facilities in both the Gare de Lyon' and the Gare du Nord. The shower facilities in the Gare du Nord are called 'McClean' and are in the basement.

    As for the rest... I did an internet search and found that Munich also has McClean toilets (with shower). But Frankfurt as far as I know doesn't. Although the airport of course has showers. I have been Amsterdam Centraal station and I never noticed any showers. But I wasn't looking for them so they may exist. The same is true for Barcelonia, and I couldn't find anything on the net to confirm either way.

    Nice train station doesn't have any shower facilities but I heard that you could find some at '2 rue desboutin'

    Most overnight trains will have some kind of shower especially the very modern German trains, and the Spanish 'hotel trains' Though you may have to book a sleeping cabin to use one.

    Even if you can't find a shower it is always possible to wash your hair and have a all over wash in the public toilets. I have done it before! Though I wouldn't want to do that for more than one night. If you use the public toilets early in the morning they are quieter and you won't be disturbed.

    You could also ask to use the showers in a hostel for a small fee.

    This is the company that runs the shower facilities in Munich and Paris. The website has information about both.

    This website has details about public toliets all over the world. It could be useful for finding somewhere clean.

    This website is aguide to sleeping in airports..but it also has useful tips about 'travelling on the cheap' in general

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    Jetzt wohne ich im München. Ja, es gibt ein platz im München Hauptbahnhof zu duschen. aber es ist ein bisschen teuer. viel spaß in Europa!

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