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Grey's Anatomy Question--Jane Doe/Ava/Rebecca played by Elizabeth Reaser?

Does anyone know if Elizabeth Reaser will return in the next season of Grey's Anatomy? She's the actress that plays Jane Doe turned Ava/Rebecca Pope. I've been looking online to see if I can find anything on her contract being extended and I haven't had any luck yet. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!


SVictor24: i don't know how much i trust the info on that website--if you go to you'll see that she was actually in 11 episodes. So who knows. I just hope that she'll be back next season.

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    According to she was guaranteed 9 episodes and that will be it for her.

    Alex had his chance last night when she begged him to give her a reason, and he didn't.

    That will be the lase we see of Ava. Sorrry!!

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    She's in Season 3 I think Episode 15 is the first episode where she's in.. and she is in 16 more episodes after that (17 total)

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    I have a feeling that she is gone. Grey's Anatomy is basically killing off everyone, however they were able to keep her alive, but still off the show. She is probably gone & no longer gets paid by the producer..

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    I know that the original actress that plays Jane Doe is from Detroit, but thats all i knwo lol

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    I don't have any hard proof she will come back but my gut feeling is she will. Maybe Alex will finally be himself and open up to her! I hope he does. He's such a cutie!

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