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Better closer?

Whos a better closer, Jose Valverde or Brett Myers?

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    this is myers first year as closing and he is doing well.. Valverde is good but he starts to give up runs playing through the season.. I like Myers

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    Neither are good closers.

    Valverde was horrible last year and has improved this year. I still think if the D Backs are contenders this year they will trade him. There set-up man Tony Pena is their future closer so they may attempt to trade him while he is hot and receive whatever holes that need to be filled at the time.

    Brett Myers is a starting pitcher that struggled this year. If the Phillies lose any starters due to injuries I would expect him to return starting.

    Besides Tom Gordon is going to come back soon enough. Whether or not they give him back his job I don't know.

    To correctly answer your question I would pick up Valverde. The D Backs are ever going to win by much and will have more save opportunities. Where as the Phillies, who will pick up their offense soon, and potentially have less opportunities

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    well valverde has been doing the job for years but it is myers first season as a reliever rather than a starter.

    i would really give myers the edge b/c he has done so well as a starter while valverde has had his years and posted mediocre numbers racking up just 65 saves in 5 years not good at all.

    myers has a shot to be good while valverde has proven himself and has not a lot of room for improvement.

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    Brett Myers.

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    Myers. Valverde will implode at some point this season.

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    Myers is the better pitcher, but will he remain the closer when Gordon returns. If yes he is most valuable because he plays for a better team and has sp/rp capability, important if you can pitch an extra closer in a sp spot.

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