Remaining Indy 500 spots who will fill them, in what order?

Closest to this weekends qualifying grid gets the 10 points. And 5 stars.


Like the two other posters said I know it likely does not matter, I just wanted to see if anyone wanted to try to fill the rest of the bracket in for points. You know...Make it more interesting by something being on the line.

If nobody does it i will just not choose best answer, but if one person does it they will be closest and get the easy 10.

Update 2:

Again just pick 11 drivers and I may choose you as best asnwer, please don't explain to me how pointless this is.

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    23. John Andretti

    24. Roger Yasukawa

    25. Marty Roth

    26. Al Unser Jr.

    27. Phil Giebler

    28. John Herb

    29. Jaques Lazier

    30. P.J. Jones

    31. Milka Duno

    32. Alex Barron

    33. Jimmy Kite

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    23. Yasukawa

    24. John Andretti

    25. Duno

    26. Hearn

    27. Jaques Lazier

    28. Moreno

    29. Barron

    30. Unser Jr.

    31. PJ Jones

    32. Larry Foyt

    33. Paul Tracy in Penske's Third Entry/ Billy Boat in a Fourth Foyt Entry/ Kite

    DNQ. Roth

    DNQ. Chesson

    DNQ. Kite

    DNQ. Herb

    DNQ. Giebler

    Wow, I was WAY off, can't wait for next week though.

    Go Andrettis Go.

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    there is roughly 15 or 16 drivers to fill the last 11 spots...and then on Sunday.."Bump Day" the remaining non-qualifiers..has a chance to make the field IF they beat the lowest timed car in the field from the day before..and hope they don't get bumped out themselves.. the 22 cars already in the field are LOCKED in ..lets see

    Mario Andretti

    Tony Bettenhousen

    Al Unser Sr.

    Bobby Unser

    A.J Foyt

    Tony Stewart

    Parnelli Jones

    Jackie Stewart i know most of those wont happen


    the lady Miko

    added to the list of other drivers i would love to see

    Michael Andretti

    Gordon Johncock

    Tim?? Beecher forgot his first name

    Tom Sneva

    Paul Newman

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    It's just a crap shoot now.All of the regulars have qualified.Field fillers are all that's left.It really is a shame.I can remember when 60 cars would show up to try to qualify.There's only about 8 cars that stand ANY chance to win this race.Hornish, Castroneves, Kaanan, Weldon, Dixon, Franchiti, and the two Andretti's(Michael & Marco) .It doesn't matter about the last 11 spots.The rest will be lucky to see 220.

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    We will know this weekend on bump day.

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