Sony w300i vs Moto Rockr E2?

I'm getting a new cel phone, and i'm trying to get some good with Mp3 player, now, theres the deal, i like more ericsson, w300i its cheaper and camera its 0.3 mp, memory card 256k, and Rockr E2 1.3 mp maybe and 1gb memory, but i really dont like Moto. I want some opinion about cel with mp3.

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  • Sidd
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    1 decade ago
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    If there is a phone that can truly rock your world, this little number will have you dancing to its tunes and quite literally at that!

    Packed with a whole load of incredible features, the W300i promises quality listening experience for the discerning music lover. A small and neat design that resembles a clamshell, this music phone gives you top-of-the-line walkman music experience. And it goes beyond giving you no reason to complain on its functionality. A 265 MB storage memory stick- excellent! a USB cable to connect to a PC, Disc2Phone music management software and the FM radio just mean quality entertainment all day long.

    It covers the entire gamut of simple yet essential features in a phone ranging from simple phone calls and text messages, built-in camera to PC connectivity, making it a true star both in terms of functionality and entertainment value.

    So I will sugest this, $

  • 4 years ago

    nicely, genuinely the telephone is fairly outstanding, it have been given some outstanding characteristic, like it allowe you to apply voice command without saving the call to each touch. The battery is the main ordinary difficulty in this telephones, it would not final too long, and it have 20mb of storage interior the telephone, so in case you opt to keep a number of music you'll want the reminiscence card. So, i do no longer understand how plenty P6000 is, yet i'm constructive you may get something greater suited and greater moderen. Surf the internet and seek for the constructive components of the telephones which you extremely choose, good success.

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