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Tak Shing asked in 社會及文化語言 · 1 decade ago

864天與時並進:VIOLENT OUTBURST 標題怎譯?及聞中問字解?

A 36-year-old man wielding 揮舞 a chopper attacked two workers from the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department, wounding 傷害 one of the officers on his left arm and little finger, and the other on his shoulder.


They were rushed 急送 to Queen Mary Hospital for treatment and were later discharged 出院. Police were called 被召 to the scene and arrested the attacker. The officers had earlier 早前 arrested his wife who was working as an illegal hawker on a sampan 舢板.

Update 2:

She called 喊叫 her husband to tell him what had happened and asked him to pick up (pick up 怎解?) their son. An argument 爭論 started when he returned and apparently (apparently 怎解?) picked up the chopper off the floor, attacking the FEHD officers.

Update 3:

The above English was written from ATV Main News at 19:30.

You may revise it if you like. Thanks

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    violent 是形容詞, 解暴力; outburst 是名詞, 有爆發之意 (如火山爆發).

    兩個字放在一起, 按新聞的意思, 應是指那男小販一怒之下襲擊人.

    pick up ..... apparently?

    pick up 解拾起某東西之外, 也可解接. 女小販被捕後, 找男的接兒子.

    apparently 可解顯然是, 但也可解似乎是!

    在新聞報導中, 有時為了做到中立客觀, 便會加上 apparently 這些字來表示一些尚未確實的消息. 因此, 上文的 apparently 是指似乎他是從地下拾起刀來襲擊人的, 但未經證實.

    以下是 cambridge dict. 的解釋:

    apparently Show phonetics


    1 used to say you have read or been told something although you are not certain it is true:

    Apparently it's going to rain today.

    Apparently he's had enough of England and is going back to Australia.

    2007-05-19 09:46:56 補充:

    Apparently (means Clearly here), the word {apparently} in the news report means {it seems}, not 明顯地 or 顯然.

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