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What Pittsburgh Pirates jersey do I get? Please help! Bay or Sanchez?

Im a Bucs fan from Mass, won a free mlb jersey. My choice is Bay or Sanchez. I know Pitt goes through players like underwear, and Bay is under contract till 2009. Im not sure bout Sanchez. All being equal, I like Sanchez better, it's well documented he's a great guy and role model. How long do you see Sanchez being a member of the Bucs? Specifically, whats Freddys contract status, and how long will he stay in Pitt? Thanks again yahoo!

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    Choose the player you like the most. Its a free jersey so I wouldn't worry about picking a player that may or may not be with the pirates in the future.

    This is coming from someone who used to buy jerseys of "franchise players" then watched them be traded a year or two later. So I stopped caring.

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    Jason Bay. You know the Pirates are committed to him. You won't want to wear a Freddie Sanchez jersey when he's playing for the Astros.

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    Bay is a stud. Sanchez had a fluke year. I have them both on my fantasy team. Bay has been and will be a stud for years to come. Sanchez may have had his day in the sun. He is hitting about .260. He his .344 last year. Bay all the way.

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    I live in Pittsburgh and go to almost every game. Everyone has a Bay or Sanchez jersey. If i were you id go with Ian Snell no one has his jersey and he's one of the best pitchers in the NL. Thats pretty neat your a Pirates fan I never met anyone outside of Pittsburgh who liked them.

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    You should take Sanchez if you like him better. Jason Bay is by far the better player. You shouldnt worry if a player will move on. It would make that jersey special.

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    i admire Bay, yet do no longer supply a darn, because of the fact i do no longer see him as doing nicely in a huge marjet like long island, Boston, l. a., ect.. He needs to play for communities like the Royals, Padres, Pirates, or Marlins

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    Sanchez, cause it's funnier

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    i'd go with Sid Bream

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