What percentage of the USA population has spent time in jail?

From D.D, drugs, neighborhood disturbances ... any time in jail. (Percentage for men and women)

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    The % of the population is low, but the United States still has among the highest incarceration rates in the world. About 1.5% of the population has been incarcerated. Most of these are male (around 93%).

    The most recent statistic I have is from 2005, which states:

    1 prisoner for ever 136 adults in the United States

    93.2% male, 6.8% female

    Total number of inmates: 2,186,230

    1,438,701 are in State and Federal prisons

    747,529 in local jails

    270,000 illegal immigrants served jail time in 2003. It is estimated that currently 27% of all prison inmates are illegal aliens.

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    Probably in the area of 20-25%.

  • Anonymous
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    Most Illegals can be found in Jail, doing the crimes most

    Americans are unwilling to do.

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    *hand raised* guilty

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