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Why does Bush hold out for those officials who are being called upon to resign in the face of public disgrace?

First he says he supports Rumsfeld 100% and he *won't* resign, and just until after the mid-terms, he gets canned by the President.

Alberto Gonzalez...? Same thing.

And now Paul Wolfowitz. Bush said that he supports him 100%, and Snow said last night that he didn't do "anything wrong".

But he's being fired anyway.

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    He doesn't know any better. His father didn't raise him with the right set of values. You have to keep your word when you give it.

    Bush took an oath to the citizens of the United States when he became president. To protect & defend the Constitution of the United States.

    Instead he has apparently, been constantly attacking the Constitution and our Rights as Citizens. This is a dead give-a-way that he is dishonest.

    Gonzales took a similar oath when he was sworn in as the Attorney General but he also did not keep it, he has instead been loyal to his friend in the White House rather than keep his word. He is not an honest man.

    Paul Wolfowitz has released a statement that he was resigning. Bush was afraid that he would lose control of the World Bank if he tried to keep him.

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    That's what politicians do. Support you people as far as you can and see what shakes out. If things go south, you accept their resignation.

    Not all people accused of wrongdoing are guilty. Many times the accusers have agendas and their cases fall apart. Just look at the Duke Lacrosse rape and Tom DeLay cases.

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    Bush has to do what his corporate masters say. He is a weakling that owes everything to his handlers.

    Also, as far as the conservatives go a moral compass is a museum piece that belongs to another era/

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    That's what great leaders do. History will eventually tell you the same thing.

    God Bless America our Troops and Commander in Chief !!!

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    Can't you tell , he's bull headed and like a pit bull , he won't let go or change his mind .

    No wonder Lara smoked and his girls drink .

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    they draw attention off the other cons.

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