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spanish words translated into english?

does anyone know of a website that translates spanish into english?

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    If I need any help for translating from/to different languages, including English, i go to Google's Language Tools:


    But, I will say it isn't always correct, a lot of times it depends on the context of what is being written for the translation to be correct.

    Source(s): B.A. in Spanish
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    If the idea is to translate "just" words you can use any of the translators suggested.

    Never use it for more than that, as otherwise you will only get rubbish.

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    It's not great for long paragraphs, but it will give you most of your translation pretty accurately.

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    But I wouldn't rely on any of those websites.

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    yeah I do! but I forgot the url.. I haven't been on it forever

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    study spanish.com

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