Guild Wars HELP PLZ!!?

So my husband and i have been avid players of WoW for sometime now, however we are getting sick of paying 30bux a month for both of us to play. My husband heard about guild wars and we searched it on best buy's website, but three differnt games came up: guild wars factions, guild wars nightfall and guild wars. We don't know which ones to buy. Also, how many people play this game? Is it busy like WoW? Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.

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    Guild Wars is the original game, created before the expansions. It's commonly referred to as "Prophecies", the first chapter in the current 3. It takes place on the continent of Tyria, dealing with a storyline to escape a ravaged countryside and defend a new land from attack- it's often thought of as the longest, and perhaps most tedious, with no monetary rewards, but substantial item rewards. It includes the 6 main classes:

    - Warrior: Standard close-range fighter

    - Ranger: Bow-wielding protector of Nature

    - Monk: Standard healer and status curer

    - Necromancer: Dark-magic user wit the ability to use corpses as Minions

    - Elementalist: Powerful magic user with control over powerful elemental attacks.

    - Mesmer: An illusionist that specializes in quick-casting and debuffs.

    Guild Wars: Factions is the second chapter. It takes place on the continent of Cantha, which draws inspiration from ancient Asian civilizations. The storlyine revolves around 2 warring "factions" that must ulimately come together to destroy a great evil that was long thought dead- the campaign is usually percieved as short, with good monetary and experience rewards for quests. It includes the 6 "Core" classes from the first chapter, but includes 2 new classes:

    Assassin- An agile, formidable warrior that can shadow-step and destroy frail enemies within moments, when used correctly.

    Ritualist- A channeler of spirits, using the power of those long dead, and ancestors of great heros, for protection and attack.

    Guild Wars: Nightfall is the 3rd in the series. It takes place on the continent of Elona, which draws inspiration from African and Middle-Eastern cultures. The storyline revolves around the emergence of a long-forgotten god, corrupted, and the end of the time of the Five Gods. It tends to be thought of a balance between Prophecies and Factions, as it is shorter, but one must still put in time to really get anywhere. This game also includes the 6 "Core" classes from Prophecies, but lacks the Assassin and Ritualist in favor for the games own unique classes:

    Paragon- A Holy, spear-weilding warrior, who provides team buffs and healing through shouts while able to do considerable damage.

    Dervish- A Holy, scythe-weilding warrior, hooded and humble, that calls upon the gods for enchantments, and attacks with great power at the cost of those enchantments.

    At certain points in each game, you may, provided you have the required expansion, travel to the other lands in the games, and complete those adventures as well. Each game has its own list of skills, as well, so purchasing and playing all 3 allows you the chance to get each one. Improvement comes in many forms- you may want to collect money and purchase unique armors and dyes with which to color them. You may wish to hunt for special weapons and items with specific attributes, or hunt for weapon modifications to match them. Or you may wish to hunt for each and every accquirable skill for each class. Or you can join a guild and combat other guilds in PvP and GvG combat, displaying your combat ability (or lack of it, sometimes). There's always something to do, and more often than not, someone to do it with. And it also has a friends list, to see if there is anybody to do anything with.

    There is a bit of a downside, though. You and you husband can both play, but you'll need to purchase your own copies to do so- you can't play off the same account at the same time. That goes for the expansions, too, if you choose to buy each.

    There IS an upside, nevertheless. You don't need to buy all 3. In fact, you can buy only one of them, and not need the rest. Each game is its own stand-alone game, although if you and your husband want to quest together, you'll need the same games nevertheless.

    The game has sold over 3 million units, not as much as WoW, but it is definitely a busy game, especially during the holiday events, of which there are many. It is a very enjoyable game, and it'll be hard to pull away from.

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    well each game is different and special in its own way nightfall is the newest and funnest i think and just guild wars is the cheapest and you can make 4 caracters for each accout u have there a lot of players but not enough to make it so the game lags a lot u may get a lag every hour if more than 2.5 million players are on. You can invite other peole to join you and fight with you.

    Factions has 2 new caracters than normal Guild wars called the ritulest and assasin which is a ninja

    Night fall has replaced those 2 characters with 2 new ones called pikesman and some oth er type of character sorry i dont have it so i dont know the 2 new proffesions

    all guildwar game have these 6 professions Warrior, Monk, Elemntolist, Necromancer, Ranger, and Mesmer you also get to choose two proffesions to make up your caracter and each has a special ability.

    hope this helped if u need more info email me at

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    Guild Wars is quite a busy game. You will never be short on people to party up with, regardless of which one you decide to buy.

    There are three Guild Wars games out at the moment. The original (also known as Prophecies), Factions, and Nightfall. Each of these are self-contained games that run through the same game client, and you do not need to buy the original to be able to play either of the others.

    Prophecies gives you a long storyline to play through in a European setting, and access to the six core professions: Warrior (traditional tank, which you can choose to specialise in the sword, axe or hammer), Ranger (bowmaster, with the extra ability to lay down traps and charm wild beasts to accompany the party), Monk (specialist in healing and protective magics), Elementalist (specialist in damaging magics), Necromancer (specialist in curses, life-stealing and raising undead armies from nearby corpses) and Mesmer (master of mental domination, psychic powers and illusionary magics). A lot of PvP teams also rely on skills that only appear in Prophecies, so if you plan to take the game into the PvP areas it would be a very good idea to invest in this chapter.

    Factions is the second chapter, and offers a shorter storyline in an Oriental style setting. This chapter offers you the 6 core professions, as well as two specialist local professions: The Assassin (master of the dagger and trained to link together chains of attacks that target the opponent's weakest points, creating huge damage spikes, and able to teleport short distances with their shadowstep abilities), and the Ritualist (an expert in summoning magics, calling spirits to the battlefield to aid your allies or attack your enemies). Factions also offers a number of extra playing options, allowing guilds to group together into alliances that compete for control of outposts, and a number of new styles of PvP play.

    Nightfall is the most recent chapter (and as a result, it's where you'll find most players), and offers a long, rich storyline in a North African/Middle Eastern setting. Nightfall gives you access to the 6 core professions and two local professions: the Paragon (a spear-throwing battle commander able to motivate allies with a wide range of vocal skills) and the Dervish (a scythe-wielding holy warrior, capable of transforming into avatars of the gods and calling on the power of sandstorms to hyperenchant themselves during combat). Nightfall also introduces heroes, which level up with your main character and are fully customisable (you get to choose the equipment and skills they use in combat). Adding heroes to the game has made all of the campaigns a lot easier to play through, and there is also a special PvP arena where you and your heroes can go up against other players and their heroes.

    Of the three chapters, Prophecies gives you the easiest learning curve, followed by Nightfall, and then Factions (where difficulty level increases very rapidly). Most players are currently working through Nightfall, but there are still plenty of players in the other chapters. Personally, I would recommend getting all of them, as there are a few benefits to having more than one chapter (such as taking characters from one chapter and sending them to one of the other chapters for extra loot and skills). All of them are great games, and any of them would be a good place to start off. It just depends on what scenery you want, really

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