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Where do you find the SimCity 3000 cheat code flag?????

I know that it exists, but where do you find it? It's purpose is to show if you have used cheat codes. I need the answer to pass to a large compotition to help catch cheaters. IF YOU KNOW, PLEASE ANSWER!!!!!!! Thank you.


i am using simcity 3000 unlimited

Update 2:

noooooooo! I don't need the cheat codes. I need the cheat code flag that is saved in the file itself. It tells if you have used CC or not. Thx 4 trying

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    Here is some of the cheats you will find

    Cheat mode

    Press [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Shift] + C while in the simulator. A prompt box with a flashing cursor will appear in the top left corner of the screen. Type one of the following codes and press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function.

    Granted Wish - Cheat Code

    $250,000 donation offer from Vinnie - call cousin vinnie

    All items are free - i am weak

    Change the sea to fresh water - salt off

    Change the sea to salt water - salt on

    Construction costs set to $0 - i am weak

    Create flock of seagulls - the birds

    Load grayscale picture as terrain - load terrain

    Lowers the terrain by one - terrain one down

    Lowers the terrain by ten - terrain ten down

    Raises the terrain by one - terrain one up

    Raises the terrain by ten - terrain ten up

    Set 'Disaster' to 'UFO' for unlimited UFOs - ufo swarm

    SimCastle construction, if Vinnie's offer was activated and then declined - zyxwvu

    'Sorry, Money Doesn't Grow On Broccoli' message - broccoli

    'Aha! We Have A Real Pro Here! Try BROCCOLI' message - porntipsguzzardo

    'Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da BAT-man!' message - bat

    'If You Build It, They Will Come' message - scurk

    'The Llama Is A Quadruped' message - llama

    'Duo Ragazzi's Easter Egg Palace: Old World Charm In A Post Modern Setting' message - easter egg

    'If You Lived Here, You'd Be A Sim' message - sim

    'Dozens Of Hidden News Ticker Reveals; Sims Encouraged To Collect Them All And Amaze Friends' message - help

    'What Will He Think Of Next?' message - will wright

    'Investment Tip: Buy Low, Sell High' message - erts

    'Not Just Sports Games Anymore' message - electronic arts

    '(city name) Picayune: The Finest In Scrolling Entertainment' message - ticker

    'Money Does NOT Grow On Trees, Study Concludes' message - money

    'Keep Trying And Maybe You'll Figure It Out' message - simcity

    'Unknown' message - simon says

    'Greetings Mayor, Your Sims Salute You' message - hello

    'Mayor (mayor name) brings (city name) To News Ticker Highlight' message - mayor

    'Mayor Suspected Of Attempting Embezzlement; Ends In Failure' message - sc3k

    'Secret Number Combination Causes Announcement In News Ticker' message - 1234

    'Did you know that MAXIS spelled backwards is SIX AM?' message - maxis

    'MOREMONEY Not Cheat Code, Research Concludes' message - moremoney

    'Mayor Under Investigation For Possible Embezzlement' message - advisor

    'FUND Not A Cheat Code, Do Not Type MOREMONEY, It Is Not A Cheat Code Either' message - fund

    All extra rewards - pay tribute to your king

    All power plants - power to the masses

    All water plants - water in the desert

    Description of City Hall set to 'Miles and Miles of Red Tape'; date set to the year 1900 - i love red tape

    High tech industries - nerdz rool

    Recycling plant, waste to energy incinerator and normal incinerator - garbage in, garbage out

    Stops advice - stop forcing advice.

    Mortimer will say the indicated phrase. - force mortimer to say (phrase)

    Moe will say the indicated phrase. - force moe to say (phrase)

    Constance will say the indicated phrase - force constance to say (phrase)

    Marla will say the indicated phrase. - force maria to say (phrase)

    Randall will say the indicated phrase - force randall to say (phrase)

    Gus will say the indicated phrase. - force gus to say (phrase)

    Karen will say the indicated phrase. - force karen to say (phrase)

    The petitioners will say the indicated phrase. - force petitioners to say (phrase)

    If you have connections to your neighbors, they will start trying to make deals - let's make a deal

    Unlimited farms

    Make a road away from your city, but connected. Place a low density industrial zone about 8x10 to 18x18, water it, then place a power line four squares away from the zone. Wait for the zone to develop, then pause game play and demolish any buildings you do not want. De-zone any zone that the farm is not using. Finally, make every building and field historical so other unwanted buildings will not take their place.

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    Simcity Embezzlement

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