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Anonymous asked in Education & ReferenceHigher Education (University +) · 1 decade ago

What is the difference between grant writing, you know for gov't grants..and patent law, writing plans for


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    I can't answer fully, but grant writing (proposals?) is creating justifications, a case for a grant, and in doing so, asking for donated money - and involves a certain writing style and format. Some people have perfected it and are in great demand because it can involve millions of dollars. There are likely specific courses and seminars involved in that.

    Patent law demands a certain expertise in legal issues involving patents, applications and the process for that, and probably you would need at least a higher degree in a technical/specialty field. If your specialty field were patent processes involving distillation of exotic fluids and gases, you would have to keep abreast in your field.

    Copywrite laws, I have no knowledge, except minor stuff involving a couple of collaborations I was in.

    Some of the information above comes from having taken a Technical Writing course - which helped my writing a great deal, even if it was years ago. Ask around, go to some patent attorney's offices and chase the "good answer" with pertinent questions.

    A large university with a good research department will have or will be associated with people inside or outside the university who write grant proposals, often in teams. Study some grants and how they are written. Ask them what they think how a good grant proposal "reads".

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  • Ranto
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    1 decade ago

    They are completely different things.

    Grant writing can be done for anyone -- and just involves putting together a document asking for money to do research or fund a project. It is not a legal document. Anyone can become a specialist in grant writing.

    Patent Law involves putting together documents to file with the patent office or to create copyrights or trademarks (note spelling) for inventions, ideas, music or written works. This is a specialty within law. To be a lawyer you usually have to go to law school and then pass the BAR exam.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Grant writing usually involves writing RFPs, (Request for Proposals) asking for funds to start or keep a project going. It involves telling the granters what your project is about, and presenting a plan for your program. It includes a business plan with a budget, other sources of funding, a list of your board of directors plus much more.

    Patent law is specifically what it says. They are proposals to issue a patent, protect a patent, and allow a procedure to liigate anyone infringing on your patent.

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  • 4 years ago

    Writing what's mis-named a "supply" is fairly severe point BEGGING. you're asking somebody to offer your cash for a particular purpose. the unquestionably supply is the present of money. a notion is a proper presentation of your supply to accomplish a little form of useful paintings for the guy (or business organisation), for which you assume repayment. working example, assume the XYZ business organisation needs to create some new workstation device to make their business organisation extra effective. they'll project a "Request for notion" (RFP) to different companies that do this type of paintings, spelling out what they opt to realize, and asking each business organisation to respond and tell XYX how their business organisation could flow approximately doing the undertaking, and what they think of it could fee. The fascinated companies then respond with a notion, which outlines the paintings which would be completed, the time table for the paintings, and the anticipated fee. there may be quite a few rounds of this, as XYZ seems at all the proposals, gets new concepts, refines their standards, and re-themes the RFP. The fascinated companies then write a clean notion. there may be 3 or 4 rounds of this, in an exceedingly vast undertaking. there is likewise something referred to as a Request For Quote (RFQ), that's used whilst XYZ is acquainted with precisely what it needs completed, and easily needs a value. There are different varieties of proposals, of direction, yet it fairly is the main significant use in business organisation.

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