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I want a child with my

I am in my first year starting my 2nd year this fall of college and i am 19 yrs old.I want a baby so badly i want to have someone to love and take care off.I am currently messing around or having a fling with my who has a new gf because i am lonley and miss him.He was my first love and everything else.Is this really wrong i would never go after him for childsupport exc.?plus he is the one making the assumption i am on the pill so i never lied to him.I am still in love w/my and want something to remeber him by?

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    If you want something to remember him by take a picture. Or get a tattoo of him on your body, but for goodness sake don't bring an innocent child into your messed up life.

    You want someone to love you but there are no guarantees this kid will love you especially when they find out how selfish you were and why they don't have a relationship with their father.

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    First of all, you shouldn't be messing with your ex when he has a girlfriend. That's just wrong.

    Second, you're 19 years old, in college. How do you plan on taking care of the baby you want to bring into this world? You're just a baby yourself... Do you even have a job?

    Wait until you graduate, find a man that ISN'T IN ANOTHER RELATIONSHIP, get a good paying job and then bring a baby into this world.

    Become a nanny. That's the closest thing to having a baby without actually having a baby. A child is a 24/7 HARD job that never ends and doesn't pay. Grow up a little yourself before getting pregnant.

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    OMG, you are an idiot! Sorry, but you are another example of girls getting pregnant to trap their guys. For one thing, he obviously don't respect you or his gf. And he is using both of you. He is getting the milk for free! And you are 19 yrs old. I don't think the real world has hit you yet. Try working fulltime and going to school. And paying rent, car payment, etc. And then try to manage a loser bf, and a baby. A baby deserves everything. You are so young.. and plus you haven't even turned 21 to really meet people. Grow up, and worry about school. Don't bring an innocent child into this world that you are too young to take care of. They are not dolls, and they are so expensive. Sorry, for this answer.. but don't be such a little girl. Go to the school nurse or a nursery and work there and take care of some kids and see if you could handle. You can't. # 1 thing in your life to focus on school. That's the best thing you could ever do to help you start your life. You are very young.. and I am assuming that your self esteem is very low. Go talk to a counselor, get some hobbies. Trust me.. having a child at this age.. changes your life completely. You will never get to be a young adult.

    Source(s): My lil brother and gf of 18 and 20 yrs old. They are struggling so bad, it's completely sad. Now, they have to grow up and struggle the rest of their lives trying to raise a small baby.
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    So wrong and stupid, I almost can't put it into words. First of all, he's in a relationship WITH SOMEONE ELSE. Second, he thinks you're ON BIRTH CONTROL. Deception is not exactly the best terms on which to bring a baby into the world. And last, I have about a decade on you, and just had my first child. While I adore and love him, believe me when I say that I sorely miss the days when I could just leave work and go to happy hour, or even more simple, just going out to a nice dinner. Please, please, please enjoy your college experience first, or you'll regret it later....And then find someone who is willing to be in a relationship with YOU. And then someday, when you are really ready (which entails understanding the difference between simply wanting a baby and what having a baby actually means) have a baby.

    For now, get a fish and see how you do with that. If you can handle it, graduate to a dog or cat. Save the baby for later when you have grown up.

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    At 19 you only THINK you know what you want.


    You WILL find someone else someday.

    A child is wrong for you now. You can't even deal with emotional loss. Believe me, a child on top of dealing with how you feel about your ex will be HARD AND MISERABLE.


    Don't do it. Children should be brought into the world at best with 2 loving parents.

    You will make your ex hate you and do you really and can you really love a man who would have a fling with you while he is with another girl.

    Are you sure you just want something you can't have? Try to enjoy your life the best you can now and love yourself, then you will attract someone good and new into it.

    Don't do this. YOu will regret it.

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    I suggest you get a pet to take care of. This could potentially ruin the lives of many people. You are being selfish, don't make this guy a dad if he doesn't want to be. And I understand you want a baby, and you may think you're ready and all, but trust me, unless you are rich and have all the support from parents etc. in the world, you can't afford it. Take my advice and go with the pet. Oh, and stop fooling around with him if he has a girlfriend. Imagine how you would feel in that position. He's wrong for cheating, but you're wrong for being the "other girl"

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    Get into counseling and quick.

    You are just clinging onto a memory and he is using you.

    You need to develop some good, positive self-esteem, and allowing an ex to use you will only make it worse.

    Think about the baby, and about how much harder it will be to meet a REAL man that loves you.

    Concentrate on your College, and don't go see your ex ever again, any man that would allow an ex-lover to come sleep with him while he has a new Girlfriend is a scum bag and not worthy of your love.

    Count your blessings that you did not get married to this loser and move on.

    You are to valuable and your future is to good to allow yourself to be drug down into the sewer for this loser.

    Peace and May God Bless You!

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    In all seriousness, please seek help. You are already making bad choices by messing around with someone Else's man, and being dishonest about being on the pill. You are not ready to take care of yourself, much less anyone else. At the very least, finish school so that when you do have a child, you will be able to get a decent job to support the kid.

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    this is wrong to do. i'm sorry to be the one to tell you but this would be unfair to you, your ex and the baby on so many levels. you should finish college and then take your time and meet someone new since your ex already has seemed to have moved on. and then after finishing college and being in a relationship that is steady and well balanced then mutually decide on having a baby with that person. i hope ive been of some help

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