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i really like this kid?

ok so there is this kid in the school and he once was annoying me so i said shut the f*ck up. so then he said sorry and stuff then i asked him if he was mad at me he said no but he looked kinda sad or embrassed cuzz every1 heard what i said. he used to look at me sometimez u know and we had this ''look'' 4 each other.

the like after awhile i started liking him but when my friend asked him 2 go out with me he said no but he still likes me as a friend he said.. do u think he iz still offended by what i said to him last time? but now i think he likes me again [[ thatz wat my friend said]] i dont know but i still really like him...

what should i do ???


it wasnt really infront of every1 juss one or 2 people

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    If you want to know how this "kid" feels about you then YOU need to talk to him. Be upfront and honest about how you feel and ask him how he feels. Going thought your friends is never the way to handle something like this.

    It is very possible that he turned you down that one time because he was angry with you because of the way you called him out in front of everyone. It sounds like you have a very "in your face" way of dealing with people when they aggravate you and that could very well make guys want to avoid you.

    If you like this guy you need to go up to him and tell him. If he likes you then he'll let you know...if he doesn't like you then he'll let you know that as well. This is the only way you'll find out how the "kid" really feels about you. Good Luck!

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    ok see what you said waz a little hurtful if you think about it. i mean you could've told him that he been getting on your nerves, instead of cursing at him in front of everybody. i think about it how would you feel, put yourself in his shoes. and what if someone said that to you.. think about it

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    if you like him ask him out yourself, i always say no unless they ask themselves. if he says no then itsnot meant to be so move on

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    tell him

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