Moving to Mount Vernon Washington?

We're moving to Mount Vernon, Washington from Florida in the next 6-months. Anyone from there? What do I need to know? How is the job market?

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    I live near Mt. Vernon. Here's some quick info. It's a smaller town, and kind of a "college town". They have a very good community college there so you might want to look at to see if their are jobs at the college. I don't know what kind of job you are looking for, or your education. Another quick commute and easy place to find jobs is at the outlet malls in Burlington. Take a look.

    Since you're moving from Florida, you're in for a weather shock. You will probably be cold much of the time until your body adjusts, (it takes about a year). Do you like rain? I hope so. The Washington coast is a rainy place, but the up side of that is, it's also very beautfiul. Mt Vernon is a place to enjoy nature and all of the wonderful aspects of it. If you want more info, e-mail me at But give more specific info. Your age, what kind of job, interests, expectations, etc. Lastly, feel very lucky. Mt Vernon is a beautiful place and most of the world would be sooo envious.

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    I am originally from Washington State. I can tell you that the Mount Vernon area is beautiful! It is also building up (it used to be a small town) so prices have definitely gone up. Plus, people are wanting to live outside of Seattle, but still work in Seattle so traffic on I-5 is a nightmare -- one of the worst commutes in the country. So, if you can work in or around Mount Vernon, I would definitely recommend it. Good luck on your move! I love Washington!

    Source(s): Grew up in Tacoma, Washington
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    You'll save money on housing, thats for sure. But finding a job isn't easy anywhere. Try and line something up before you go. At least have a lot of money saved up. Can't you visit there first to see if you like it? Washington is a nice place, but it will not be like a big city. Maybe you are ready for that - or maybe you are not. But it is pretty there.

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    If you like Tulips. you will love it.Big festival every year.Get some rain gear.. We call rain liquid sunshine. We visit from Canada a lot

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    good ideas

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