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Hydrogen fuel?

It sound like a great options.Can the water that is given off as exhust be collected on the vechicle and recycled at the pump? Being able to use recycle water for hydrogen would help the countries that have limited water sources.

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    Hydrogen fuel is potentially an alternative to gasoline, creating a hydrogen economy. Car manufacturers such as General Motors, BMW, Ford, Honda, Toyota, etc. are researching potential usefulness of hydrogen to power cars. Because hydrogen in its gaseous state takes up a very large volume when compared to other fuels, hydrogen would be more useful as an energy source in its liquid state. One possible solution is to liberate the hydrogen from its associated carbon in a hydrogen reformer and feed the hydrogen into a fuel cell. Alternatively, some fuel cells (DEFC Direct-ethanol fuel cell) can be directly fed by ethanol or methanol. A practical way to take the advantage of hydrogen without resorting to fossil fuel is to use liquid or anhydrous ammonia which can be cracked into hydrogen and nitrogen or used as fuel for internal combustion engines directly.

    A Hydrogen vehicle is a vehicle, such as an automobile, aircraft, or any other kind of vehicle that uses hydrogen as its primary source of power for locomotion. These vehicles generally use the hydrogen in one of two methods: combustion or fuel-cell conversion:

    In combustion, the hydrogen is "burned" in engines in fundamentally the same method as traditional gasoline cars.

    In fuel-cell conversion, the hydrogen is reacted with oxygen to produce water and electricity, the latter of which is used to power electric motors.

    Hydrogen can be obtained through various thermochemical methods utilizing natural gas, coal (by a process known as coal gasification), liquefied petroleum gas, biomass (biomass gasification), or from water by electrolysis or by a process called thermolysis. A primary benefit of using pure hydrogen as a power source would be that it uses oxygen from the air to produce water vapor as exhaust. Another benefit is that, theoretically, the source of pollution created today by burning fossil fuels could be moved to centralized power plants, where the byproducts of burning fossil fuels can be better controlled. Hydrogen could also be produced from renewable energy sources with (in principle) no net carbon dioxide emissions. There are both technical and economic challenges to implementing wide-scale use of hydrogen vehicles, and the timeframe in which such challenges may be overcome is likely to be at least several decades

    At a panel of scientists, engineers and industry experts that the National Academy of Sciences assembled in April 2007 to review the president's for example, "A hydrogen car is one of the least efficient, most expensive ways to reduce greenhouse gases."

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    Hello Yousiffi, The way you describe it, it won't work. From your gas tank to the carburetter might be sealed well enough, but the jets in the carb are to small. You need to supply the hydrogen at a constant pressure, Study the way that they convert a car or tractor to propane and it should be about the same for hydrogen. The exhaust will be absolutely clean (almost) and environmentally friendly. But you need to store the hydrogen some way if the scooter is moving. A better is to use alcohol as a fuel. The jets need to be only a little larger and the engine will run fine. Add twenty percent alcohol to gasoline and it is very clean at the exhaust, and the engine needs no modification. Adjust the carb a little "rich" and it will run fine. Alcohol does draw moister from the air, so put fresh fuel in the tank and store with the tank EMPTY. A drain valve should be installed if you don't have one on the scooter now. Making alcohol motor furn is legal if you add a little gasoline so that no one will want to drink it.

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    There is plenty of water in the world, humans need only a little safe clean water for drinking and washing. But we waste a lot of it.

    Water that comes out of the exhaust of a hydrogen vehicle is simply vented into the air as steam. It takes about 30 kg of water and loads of nuclear power to make enough hydrogen to refuel a fuel cell car ideally.

    Hydrogen fuel systems are not realistic.

    At the moment hydrogen is made from, natural gas or coal, or electricity. It uses more energy to make hydrogen than what you get when you use it in a fuel cell car. This is always true because of the laws of physics.

    When people talk about hydrogen economy, the source of the power to make the hydrogen realistically would be nuclear, this is the only viable way to make massive amounts of electricity at the moment, and probably for the next 20 years or more.

    Hydrogen is very explosive, way more so, than natural gas or LPG, a hydrogen powered car could easily be turned into a very effective bomb, and for this reason alone makes hydrogen powered cars a very bad idea.

    Hydrogen is very corrosive, it is really hard to make good cheap containers for it. This will make hydrogen cars very expensive to build and maintain. Hydrogen is very small, much smaller than LPG or natural gas, so it leaks out of containers easily. Hydrogen has no smell, and no colour. If you get a tiny hydrogen leak in your car or garage it could explode and destroy your car or your garage, and you could easily be killed.

    One day people might solve these problems, but money could be better invested to make things that do work now, like light weight cars that are battery powered.

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    Yes but making that hydrogen used up all the water to begin with. If a region has limited water, the last thing they need is to make hydrogen!

    Hydrogen also requires tons of energy to produce. Maybe in 20-30 years hydrogen will become cleaner, but right now it takes burning vast quantities of coal to make the electricity to produce hydrogen.

    Hydrogen right now is a very dirty alternative. Mainly because it is an energy carrier like a battery is. It is not an energy source.

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    Because it takes more energy to separate hydrogen from water than the hydrogen gives off when it's then burned.

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    splitting water in order to produce hydrogen is not the best option cause the energy needed is too high.the electrolysis of water is something not affordable yet.

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