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date back to 的代換


date back to

=go back to

=be traced back to




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  • Adam
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    如果要表示 "某事件或某事物的起源是可回溯自 . . . " 的意思的話,就我所知,常用的就是這三個片語了。

    還有另外的片語則是表示 "某事某物源自於 . . . ",那應該是寫成:

    A is derived from B

    A derives from B

    A originates from B

    A comes from B

    A develops/evolves from B

    A has its origins/roots in B

    The phrase is derived from a Greek myth.


    The phrase can be traced back to a Greek myth.



    Source(s): dictionary and myself
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  • 小乖
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    in retrospect = retrospectively (adv.)

    backward-looking (adj.)

    look back on (v. phr.)

    注意詞性, 希望是你要的答案喲!

    Source(s): my personal teaching experience
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