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敬請您再提供相關 設備架構、按裝方式,及報價,

特別是 ADS/IP for VOIP介面系列 的相關產品 之進一步資料,


若有任何問題或進一步訊息, 歡迎您隨時與我TEL或 mail 聯絡, 謝謝您.

在此也祝您 安全展 展出成功~


上周, 非常謝謝您的接待及說明, 對貴公司的產品也有進一步了解. 謝謝您~

個人希望, 如果可行, 可否重新整理所有相關產品型錄、規格、價格給我~

希望中、英文版本都能提供~ 好方便之後業務推廣用之處理.

另外, 可否請您先提供84吋及100吋的報價.

有關「數碼板(觸摸屏)」, 亦請您提供60吋及70吋的報價, 及~可否在約5月底6月初先買3台sample機呢?


以上. 若有任何問題或進一步訊息, 我們再隨時TEL或 mail 保持聯絡, 謝謝您.

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    Thank you very much for your introduction and explanation on the exhibition field

    Would like to ask you to offer relevant device structures again, according to the way of putting, and offer,

    Especially the further materials of the relevant products of ADS/IP for VOIP interface series,

    For our reference, plan the need - Thanks in and the follow-up case

    If there are any question or further information, welcome you to get in touch with my TEL or mail at any time, thank you.

    May you too Safe exhibition Exhibition succeeds -


    Last week, thank you for your reception and explanation very much, understand to the products of your company further. Thank you for thanksing

    Individual hopes, if the feasible,could rearrange by products not relevant record, give me of specification, price if

    Hope the Chinese and English editions can all offer the hope Popularize and use its treatment in business after easy to help.

    In addition, could you please offer 84 inches and quotation of 100 inches first.

    Relevant ' digital boards (touch-sensitive screen) ',also it please offer 60 inches and 70 inches quotation, and and buy 3 sample machines first at about the beginning of June at the end of May?

    One can connect to need with and touch the function accused of.

    The above. If there are any question or further information, our TEL or mail at any time keep in touch, thank you.

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    1) Thanks for your introduction and the explanation on the exhibition

    venue . I would like to ask you to provide the related equipment

    construction, to install again the way, and quoted price, specially

    ADS/IP for VOIP interface series related product further detail for

    reference, and the following case plans and needs ~Thanks…

    If you have any question or further information, Please call or e-mail to me anytime, thanks you. Also wishes your safety exhibition in this to

    display successful ~

    2) Last week, thanked your reception and the explanation, also I has

    further understanding to your firm's product. Thanks your ~ I hope , if it

    is possible, after whether to reorganize all related product catalog, the

    specification, the price the ~ hope Chinese and English edition can

    provide ~ for me the good convenience, the service promotion to

    process with it. Moreover, whether to ask you to provide the price of

    84 inch and 100 inch.

    Related “digital board (touching screen)”, also asks you to provide

    the offer of 60 inch and 70 inch, and ~ if I could buy 3 sets of sample

    machine in approximately at the end of May at beginning of June? And

    It must be possible to touch the function wireless continually which

    controls. Above. If you have any question or further detail, please

    contact with us by call or e-mail again, thanks you.

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