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are there successful marry people that got married at the ages 16-20yrs old?

Is it wrong to get married at an early age? i kno that it's bad cuz u dont really get to "live life". But what about the saying "live life as if u was gonna die tomorrow"?... I kno most people get married at an early age cuz of pregnacy but i wanna kno how is it, without being pregnant

Does it works out in the long run?

Are there successful marriages out there that really succeed?

Im asking cuz Im not the type that goes out to parties all the time n like being with different guys .. i been with my boyfriend for almost 3yrs n i still love him like crazy n im 17.. I always dreamed of being married n later on having kids.. We wanna get married but we wanna get an apartment first hes 18 n is about to get a really good paying job. And my parents luv him.. But i wanna kno from other people experiences, cuz i havent met anyone that married so early.....

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    My wife and I married when we were 19. Not only that, but we were only dating a short while, engaged for 3 hours, and did a drive-thru wedding in Vegas.

    We've been happily married since 1999 and just had our first child.

    Successful... so far. You never know until the divorce, but we don't plan on having one anytime soon.

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    You don't have to listen and probably won't buy "DO NOT GET MARRIED SO YOUNG!!!!" I don't know how to put it any stronger. People change and you and him will not be the same even 3 years from now. Like it or not you are still a child, I don't mean that you are immature but you just have not had the opportunity to develop into an experienced adult. Don't have a kid either, you are far too young, the best advice I can give you is to put yourself into a position where you can take care of yourself, go to university and graduate, live life on your own terms before you decide to give up control of your life to an 18 year old boy.

    If you are the type who likes to go out and party you are definately not the type who is ready to be married at 17 and kids by 19. You will always regret it and you can't ever go back and change it. If you and this guy are meant to be then you can continue dating until you are 25 and have lived life a little.

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    My answer is to you reveal what many years of research found.

    The most successful marriage according to research have the following factors, any two or more missing makes the success of the marriage almost impossible.

    Successful being defined as marriage older than 20 years.

    1. Common social economical class(poor+rich do not succeed except in the movies).

    2. Compatible religion(an example: Jews+Hindu do not succeed)

    3. Common goals(someone that wants a simple life and the other the material life or very social life--it just does not work)

    4. Open communications(they tell each other their innermost secrets, and they agree to disagree)

    5. Educational compatible(someone with little or limited education+someone very educated either through formal or self taught--just does not work)

    6. Financial Responsible(failure to work and high debt is the number one cause for marriage failure)

    7. Sexual Compatible(some individuals do not find variety appealing, others do---the combination doe not work).

    8. Most alike(opposites may attach, but they do not say married)

    9. Both people married at age 25 or older.

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    I got married to the really first girl I dated on a serious basis my senior yr. We were married on 8-5-74 got a Good Job on 8-5-75 and divorced on (you guessed it) 8-5-76. So when Aug 5th rolls aroud I wonder what good or bad wil happen. We planned to marry ,then her parents objected so much I know the reason we did it was to show we could do what we wanted. She was pregnant when we finally married. I backed out of our original wedding date 7-19-74 and was coerced into marrying her for the sake of the "Baby". I didnt try the first yr and she didn't try on the 2nd yr (after I accepted my responsibilities) Ya see, it was the sex that made us feel the need to get "hitched" And I think this might also have something to do with you and him. I didn't remarry for 12 yrs, she got remarried after 3 yrs to a guy who is abusive to her even to this day. Why cause she had 4 other kids with him(the same # we planned to have) !Ya see ,there is more to marriage than just "love" At your and his age what kind of jobs do you think ya gonna have? No College,no exp. . Ya really can't "live on love" ya need a good job (both of you) in this world today. With kids( I love my daughter very much and wouldn't change anything cause of her and now my grandkids) Some other people I went to school with did the same thing Out of 8 couples ,5 our age 2 were 1 yr older and 1 was a yaer younger only one couple is still together today . But their "road was rocky too" They were almost split up after several affairs he had with other women and her nervous breakdown over infidelity. Here is my advice (cause I was there I feel I can give it) If ya really love each other then you get a degree and let him jump into that really great job. Both of you save your money up and ,iron out all upcoming differences like where to spend the holidays at who's parents , enough money to put down on a little house to raise a little one or two .Cause if you two are really in love you can wait till ya can stand on your own two feet . I t might take 4-5 yrs but hey , love is forever,right?

    Source(s): My advice from past exp. and others' I knew too
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    My husband and I got married when I was 18 and he was 20. We dated for a little over a year before we tied the knot. Am now 23 and hes 25 and we're still together. We didnt get married because I was pregnant in fact we still dont have kids, we got married because we loved each other. Marriage is what you make of it at any age. You just have to go with your heart.

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    My husband was 18 and I was 20 when we got married. We just celebrated our 13th wedding anniverisary. My husband and I wished we would of waited until we we a little older and wiser. Marriage is definitely tough no matter how old you are. The best advice I can give you is for both of you to follow your head as well as your heart before taking that leap. Also make sure you want to get married for the right reasons and try not to rush into marriage, you will know when the time is right.

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    I got married at 21 and hubby was 20. It will be 15 years for us this year. I'm not saying it's not hard because it is. Marriage is alot of give and take and you have to be willing to work through the tough times if you want a long married life.

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    I turned 21 three days after marrying. I have been married for 7 years now, and have two kids. From my point of view everything is going great. Marriage is always hard no matter how old you are. But you have to be prepared to give everything to the marriage otherwise it won't work. Nothing to do with age.

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    Off the top of my head I know ONE couple who married very young. She was 17 and he was 19. They are now 48 and 50. She wasn't pregnant when they got married, and didn't get pregnant until 20. They work very hard for their lifestyle and marriage. Their marriage is happy and successful. They were and still are very rational and practical people. Even she admits that her marriage success is the exception rather than the rule.

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    During your 20's you mature so much, that you aren't the exact person you are at the age of 17. Why rush into a marriage at such a young age anyway? You have so many years ahead of you. If the relationship is meant to be, it will sustain whatever amount of years until you do actually decide to marry each other.

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