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whos the best nba player ever?

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    Hmmm.....Bill Russell

    Bill Russell was 6'9...he played against some of the greatest

    players and teams ( Lakers with West and Baylor )the NBA has ever seen...including a man who was the most dominant center ever! ( WILT )....In Russell's prime he was a 20ppg...20rpg...10bpg...6apg!.... NCAA champion..

    gold medalist...and he won 11 NBA championships as the leader of his team....he won with and without great players..

    They did'nt count block shot's or steals...now they do(because of him)

    People who watched him play ......say thet in his prime from..... 60-68 he would have averaged 20ppg..24rpg..10blk..5stl..5as... that's sick!.....wan't a legacy?..read ...this..........................


    Four-year letter winner under Hall of Fame coach Phil Woolpert

    All-America (1956)

    Led San Francisco to back-to-back NCAA championships (1955, 1956)

    Along with Hall of Fame teammate K.C. Jones, led USF to 55 straight wins and two straight undefeated seasons

    USA Player of the Year (1956)

    Scored 1,636 points (20.7 ppg) and grabbed 1,606 rebounds (20.3 rpg) in 79 games

    Member, gold medal-winning U.S. Olympic Team (1956)


    Twelve-time NBA All-Star (1958-69)

    MVP All-Star Game (1963) after 19 points and 24 rebounds

    Holds the NBA single-game record for most rebounds in a half (32) vs. Philadelphia on Nov. 16, 1957

    Celtics's all-time leading rebounder (21,620, 22.5 rpg) in 963 games; second best in history

    Holds career playoff record for most rebounds (4,104, 24.9 rpg) in 165 games

    Holds NBA Finals record for highest rebound per game average (29.5 rpg, 1959) and by a rookie (22.9 rpg, 1957)

    Holds NBA Finals single-game record for most free throws attempted in one half (15, April 11, 1961) vs. St. Louis; most rebounds (40, March 29, 1960 vs. St. Louis and April 18, 1962 vs. Los Angeles); most rebounds by a rookie (32, April 13, 1967 vs. St. Louis); and most rebounds in a quarter (19, April 18, 1962 vs. Los Angeles)

    Grabbed a career-high 51 rebounds vs. Syracuse (Feb. 5, 1960), making him one of two players ever (Wilt Chamberlain) to grab more than 50 boards in a game

    Had seven games with 40 or more rebounds

    Led the NBA in rebounding in first three seasons (19.6, 22.7, 23.0) and five times overall

    Led the NBA in minutes played (1959, 42.5 mpg) and in 1965 (44.5 mpg)

    Scored 14,522 points (15.1 ppg) in his career and averaged 16.2 ppg in 165 playoff games

    Declared Greatest Player in the History of the NBA by the Professional Basketball Writers Association of America (1980)

    NBA 25th Anniversary All-Time Team (1970)

    NBA 35th Anniversary All-Time Team (1980)

    NBA 50th Anniversary all time Team

    Named "Sportsman of the Year" by Sports Illustrated (1968)

    NBA Boston Celtics, player/head coach (1966-69)

    1968-69 Boston Celtics NBA champion

    1967-68 Boston Celtics NBA champion

    1965-66 Boston Celtics NBA champion

    1964-65 Boston Celtics NBA champion

    1963-64 Boston Celtics NBA champion

    1962-63 Boston Celtics NBA champion

    1961-62 Boston Celtics NBA champion

    1960-61 Boston Celtics NBA champion

    1959-60 Boston Celtics NBA champion

    1958-59 Boston Celtics NBA champion

    1956-57 Boston Celtics NBA champion



    1961-NBA-TSN MVP


    1962-NBA-TSN MVP

    1963-NBA-AS MVP


    1963-NBA-TSN MVP


    1965-NBA-TSN MVP

    He prabably.....no wait...let me refrase that.........He WOULD HAVE!, won alot more MVP's,player of the year award's,etc..etc..

    but the people who voted.....didn't vote for him because he was black!.....he did all of this ,when it was the toughest....that's what really makes him great....People have backwards..without Russell there would be no NBA today..He was a pioneer!...Big O..DR J..MJ..Now Kobe!..all because of BILL............

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    To Shawn: First off, there was a 24 second clock and a 3 second rule during Chamberlain and Russell career. Chamberlain was the REASON why the key is wider. Just before Chamberlain rookie seson the key was widen by 10 feet. The 24 second clock was put in play in 1955, after a sad showing between Rochester and Minneapolis' 19-17 playoff game. As for the best player in the NBA, you really can't narrow it down to just one player, but you couldn't go wrong with a starting five containing: Oscar Robertson, Michael Jordan, Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell and Julius Erving.

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    Michael Jordan

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    I have to go with "The Big O", Oscar Robinson, and here's how I came to this selection. In 14 seasons, Oscar Robinson:

    *Was a 12-time All-Star

    *11-time All NBA Team member

    * Has the 3rd highest rookie scoring average in NBA history at 30.5 ppg

    *Average 30 or better in 6 of his 1st seven seasons

    *The ONLY player in NBA history to average a triple-double for an entire season

    *Has recorded over 181 triple-doubles in his career (Magic Johnson is second with 138).

    *1980 inductee in the Basketball Hall of Fame

    *Member of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History

    *League MVP (1964)

    *3-time All-Star Game MVP (1961, 1964, 1969)

    *Highest all-time scoring average in the All-Star Game (20.5ppg) The league standard for all-time scoring average is participating in 4 or more All-Star games.

    *Olympic Gold Medalist (1960)

    *The college Player of the year award is called the Oscar Robinson Trophy.

    Oh, and he does have a championship to add to his credit too with the Milwaukee Bucks during the 1970-71 season (which was also the 1st title for a guy named Lew Alcindor, aka Kareem Abdul Jabbar). Kareem wouldn't get his 2nd title until a man by the name of Earvin "Magic" Johnson arrived in 1980 (who happens to be the closest player ever to Oscar Robinson). The Big O redifined the guard position, and every one has been playing catch up ever since.

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    Bill Rusell, Michael Jordan, Oscar Robertson

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    Michael Jordan.

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    Pat Burke. AlphaPup didn't choose Jordan. What a shocker. And where do these people find the time to give you these crazy long answers. But seriously, MJ is the G.O.A.T. Hands down, no arguing. Exept from Alphaguy of course.

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    While Wilt Chamberlain and Bill Russel played with really no rules since there was no shot clock violation or 3 seconds in the key, so they could keep the ball the whole game. Michael Jordan played with all the rules and still got 6 rings and made everybody on the edge of their seats, and dont forget all the clutch performances he had.

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    Everybody says it Micheal Jordan, but it got to be the man with the most points ever, Kareem Adual Jabbar

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    jordan hands down...he was the best player of the game's best era..(1980 -1996)

    32,292 career points..

    5 NBA MVP awards..

    7 sporting news MVP awards.

    1 defensive player of the year award..

    6 nba finals MVP awards..

    3 all-star game mvp awards..

    1 rookie of the year award..

    1 sporting news rookie of the year award..

    10 time all-NBA 1st teamer..

    9 time all-defense 1st teamer..

    and to the guy that said russell didn't play with great players...are you kidding me???..here's a list of the great players russell played with...

    john havlicek.

    sam jones..

    tom heinsohn..

    bob cousy..

    bill sharman...

    bailey howell..

    clyde lovelette..

    K.c. jones...

    learn your basketball history dude...

    Source(s): basketball-reference.com
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    Bruce Bowen

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