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I just found out I am allergic to gluten (celics disease). Questions about changing my diet?

OK- Where do you start when you find out you can't eat wheat protein anymore?? Websites, books any suggestion would help!! I just found out today!! And I don't know where to start!!



that's Celiac Disease!!!


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    Hello and breathe!! Millions of ppl have CD (even if some dont know it yet!) You are on your way to recovery!!

    Here is my tips for newbies!

    Visit your local health food store, try out Gluten Free (GF) foods.

    Follow this link to find the list of Safe/Forbidden foods for someone on a GF diet.

    Print the list that is for forbidden, carry it until you memorize it! In time you will be an expert at reading labels (and you'll be scarily educated in what we eat!!)

    Check out these books:

    "Celiac Diseae A Hidden Epidemic" by Dr Peter Green

    "Living Wheat and Gluten Free for Dummies" by Danna Korn. Dana also has several other books.

    go to and search under Local Support (link at top of page). Click your state and search your area for a support group. Visit one!! You are not alone!

    Start simple when changing your diet. Throw out all gluten containing foods and any in doubt. You do not have to throw out cookign utensils, with the exception of a plastic colander. If you previously used a plastic colendar to drain gluten pasta, you'll wnat a new one just for GF pasta bc the reside is hard to get off and you can get cross contaimination (CC) from the old pasta residue. You'll obviously want a new toaster also but everything else jsut wash in a hot cycleo n the dishwasher with soap and you're good to go.

    If you are sharing a kitchen with someone who eats gluten you may want to make a separate shelf for your GF foods. I coexsist with two glutenoids just fine and have rarely gotten myself sick from their gluten.

    You can eat out again!!

    Outback, CHilis, PF Changs and others have GF menus. Check online if they dont have one in the restaruant.

    The two books i mentioend really help!

    There are tons of GF recipes, but I really just use my same old same old and replace gluten containing stuff with GF versions.


    Pasta, I use Tinkyada or Ener-G pastas, all varieties, taste just like regular pasta.

    I use Cornmeal or Cornflake Crumbs(there is a brand taht says GF ai cant remember what its name is, its in a red can, some groceryes have it.) Or you can use BOb's Red Mill All Purpose GF Flour. Or there are recipes for flour mixes in the Bette Hagman cookbooks.

    Cakes, Cookies, pancakes, I love Pamela's mixes. I"m a lazy cook so all her stuff is jsut a mix in a bag--just as good as Betty Crocker!! (FYI most pillsbury frostings are GF, will say if they have gluten int hem!)

    Walmart brand stuff is often labeled GF.

    For bread I like Kinninnicks' (sold frozen). I also love their donuts, pizza crusts.

    You can also buy Glutino products, great breads, bagels, cereals, breakfast bars (like nutrigrains) and cookies. Good stuff.

    Cocoa pebbles are GF--thats my cereal of choice!

    Corn grits are usually GF, get hte plain kind. Oatmeal is NOT!

    Most meats, veggies and fruits are GF.

    Let me know if I can beo f any other help!! I'm going ot be away from my computer for a few days but I'll get back as soon as I can!!! Email me on Answers for more help!!

    Best of luck! Happy GF living!


    Chairperson Louisiana North Shore Celiac Sprue Association

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    Oh, my dear, I feel for you! I have a friend who's the same, and she pretty much can't eat anything! Basically, you have to stay away from ANYTHING that contains flour or wheat gluten. So, no breads, pasta, cookies, cakes, or any processed foods, like creamy dressings or creamy soups. Your diet will consist of lots of fruits and veggies, milk, and meat. The only carbs you will be able to eat is rice, oatmeal, quinoa.. things like that. There are such things as rice pasta and gluten free bread. You can find those at your local health food store. Here's a good website to check out..

    It kinda breaks down what it is, and has some other sites to check out. You also might have to go to a nutritionist to get a full idea of what you can eat, and still get all the nutrients you need. Good luck!

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    There should be a celiac support grop meeting in your area. They will have recipes, suggestions, and lists of what to watch for. I remember my mom was surprised to find it in sauces, including soy sauce.

    Call your local Health Unit or Hospital and ask where you can find support, and find out about talking to a nutritionist.

    And you need to ask every waitress, manager, and clerk if anything has gluten and explain that it is serious. One my mom went to a restaurant and they said No about the food she wanted to eat, then she overhead them in the back laughing and saying they had no idea! Check your food labels on everything, it is in ketchup, and some of the oddest places you could never imagine.

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    I know several individuals who have this disease including my dad. Just cut out the wheat products with gluten free products. Also, focus on eating more vegetables with protiens. There are alot of resources on "lifestyle changes" discussing the best foods to eat and plans for healthy eating. Check out Borders or any bookstore.

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    You'll have to be paying close attention to food labels from now on. I don't know what part of the country you're from, but there's a supermarket in the east, Wegmans that has a whole section dedicated to your cause. There's also a steakhouse chain here with a gluten free menu: applebees.

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    My bf's mom is too, but there are gluten free cake mixes and cookie mixes you can buy, there is also gluten free bread. I know it is hard not to eat anything with gluten, but good luck trying

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