Hot Tubs good/bad for kids?

can kids 8,10,and 11 all go into a hot tub?If one of the ages can and the others can't please tell anyways.i would like to know thank you.Oh and if you would like to post a link,that takes me to a website about the topic that would be great!

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    # Children five years old and under should never be allowed to use a whirlpool or hot tub, even with adult supervision. Children between the ages of six and 12 years must always have an adult with them when using a hot tub or whirlpool.

    # Keep water temperatures in hot tubs or whirlpools at no higher than 40 C or 104 F.

    # Make sure that the hot tub or whirlpool has drain covers that prevent body and hair entrapment. If you have a whirlpool at home, ensure that it is checked regularly by a professional to make sure it is in safe working condition.

    # Older children using hot tubs should not soak for longer than five to 10 minutes at a time. Long exposures to hot temperature can lead to dehydration, dizziness and nausea.

    # Parents should know how to switch off the whirlpool pump in case of an emergency.

    # To keep your children from entering the hot tub or whirlpool when it is not in use, enclose it with a gate or use a cover that can be locked.

    # Teach children that it is dangerous to dive or jump into the shallow waters of a hot tub or whirlpool.


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    Kids In Hot Tubs

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    We have a hot tub and I always monitor the temperature and don't allow them to stay in for hours at a time, but my kids go in a hot tub and they are 1 and 2. Just supervise them

    CPSC recommends:

    1. Always use a locked safety cover when the spa is not in use and keep young children away from spas or hot tubs unless there is constant adult supervision.

    2. Make sure the spa has the dual drains and drain covers required by current safety standards.

    3. Regularly have a professional check your spa or hot tub and make sure it is in good, safe working condition, and that drain covers are in place and not cracked or missing. Check the drain covers yourself throughout the year.

    4. Know where the cut-off switch for your pump is so you can turn it off in an emergency.

    5. Be aware that consuming alcohol while using a spa could lead to drowning.

    6. Keep the temperature of the water in the spa at 104 degrees Fahrenheit or below.

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    Yes they can go in hot tubs

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    Hot tubs are bad for kids under 16 years old.

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    My kids have been going in a hot tub since they were 1!!! Just limit the time, and always be there to supervise!!!

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    My two-year old twins swam around in a hot-tub on vacation.

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    Sure, but watch them. Really young kids can be very susceptible to the heat. And you know how kids are-if they're having fun they'll push past all kinds of boundaries!

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    I think good parental supervision would prevent most dangers from happening..but here's a link to scare you!

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