I want to buy Sony handycam. Should I buy one with magnetic tape or with DVD ?

Recording device was earlier magnetic tape (Cassette). Now it also comes with re-writable DVD. Shop owner has recommended me to buy the Sony handy cam with tape. Which one is better from the point of view of clarity of image storing ? Both videos have similar features except this difference.

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    It depends what your end product is likely to be. If you are shooting for home video then, DVD Cam can be your chose. It is easier to transfer data from Handycam to PC, which ultimately you have to, if you want some editing done. Further whatever may the quality of Tape, when its transfered to digital form the quality ultimately suffers. Moreover we'll never show our home videos on TV.

    Tapes gives you quality but you'll have to spend lots of time capturing and encoding. For 1 hr movie you'll have to sit through 1hr capturing and may another 30 to 45 min (depends on your PC Config) encoding it to your desired format whether you edit or not. And after all this your quality of picture (the end product) is at per with the DVD Cam.

    Contrast this with DVD Cam, after finalization you can directly play it in consumer DVD or you just pop in your DVD into your PC's DVD drive and rip the VOB file to any popular format; it'll take approx 5 to 7 Min to rip a hours DVD. No wires, no long waits and the QUALITY SAME.

    However for any professional Video shooting purpose better have the TAPE Handycam.

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    DVD is better, as yo do not need to connect the handycam to the computer, just pop in your handycam's DVD in your computer's DVD drive, and see the videos. Easy and great.

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    Even if you get tape ultimately you have to make them into cd or dvds which we all do al last its better to get dvd which will be easy for data transferring and not big hassle as it will easy to copy to hard drive while tape I dont think their life is long compared to dvd 1.4 gb which is alot . Get the ... dvd one ..

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    you should buy a dvd handy cam because it provides u a lot of clearty. and easy to convert. through this u r able to take more clear images.

    dvd provides one more feature like non-viration images. bcs tape contains electro magnet effects so there is a lot of chances to non clear image.


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    You can research all kinds at the following website, & also see reviews by people who have used them.


    Nuf' said.

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    go 4 the dvd ...

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