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Can you answer these questions about the Civil War?

Please answer all or some of these. Thanks!

1.wat form of military identification was first introduced during the Civil War?

2.wat western State or Territory raised the largest force for the war?

3.wat did Richard Kirkland of the 2nd South Carolina Volunteers do at the Battle fo Fredericksburg that made him a hero?

4.Who was mortally wounded at Chancellorville by his own troops?

5.wat r the implements cannoneers use to load the cannon?

6.wat does it mean when you see an implement protruding from the cannon barrel on the battlefield?


this is like 5% of my homework! this is the part i need help on; i did the rest of it!

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    1- Name disk

    2- California- The State of California is credited with providing 15,725 volunteers to the Union Armies during the Civil War. The units provided break down as follows: two full regiments and one battalion of cavalry, eight full regiments of infantry, and one battalion of infantry called mountaineers. These men all served in the west and southwest. The First Regiment, Washington Territory Infantry Volunteers had eight companies that were recruited in California.

    3- Presented correctly this will gain you extra credit. Kirkland is a myth the Confederacy has a book titled "Roll of Honor" and you will see he is not listed. However this type act was very prevalent through out the war.

    4- Thomas Jackson (Stonewall) You might want to introduce this for extra credit:

    General Thomas Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson was struck by fire from Confederate lines on May 2nd while at Chancellorsville. Jackson was hit by three bullets, one bullet in his right hand, a second in his left wrist, and the third struck him in his left arm between the shoulder and elbow. The third bullet fractured Jackson’s humerus bone and injured the brachial artery. This wound was very serious and it bled greatly. At two in the morning on May 3rd, Jackson’s left arm was amputated two inches below his shoulder. As the days passed after the amputation, Jackson was healing and recovering. The prognosis looked good.

    On May 7th, Jackson awoke early in the morning and complained of a sharp pain in his right side. Doctors examined him and determined he had pneumonia. He passed unto the ages at 3 p.m. on Sunday, May 10, 1863. What is not mentioned is that Jackson is probably responsible his own death. He had a habit of taking cold baths to clear his mind and soul. Being in a weaken condition it probably led to pneumonia.

    There was speculation at the time that the shooter might have been a soldier(s) that Jackson had offended. Three children of Adam Layman John, Jackson and Preston were drafted into the Confederate Army, Company G, the Valley Guards 10 th. Virginia Infantry. John was later shot for desertion Jackson disregarding pleas from the 10 th. chaplain. it’s Commander Lt. Colonel Samuel Walker along with Pvt Preston Layman. It was understood that Jackson considered shooting them along with the deserters. From the moment, Jackson was shot and for thirty years until his death, Preston Layman claimed he fired on Jackson knowing it would cause a jittery Army to follow suit. Supposedly, they either sent the offender(s) to his death or sent him home. If true it would have been something, the South could not have let known. It would have been upsetting that a Southerner would have done something like this.

    5- Implements. Each of the cannoneers is equipped with specialized implements, a sponge/rammer, a large ash staff with a wool-covered sponge head at one end, to be wet for cleaning and cooling the bore, and a rammer head at the other for inserting the charge. A pouch with the priming wire or vent pick, which is a pointed metal rod with a loop at the opposite end, and a vent brush, used to clean the vent and avoid fouling. A leather primer pouch attached to a belt, and holds the lanyard, a length of cord tied to a wooden handle, with a hook at the free end. A leather haversack for carrying the ammunition. The chest, has tools for preparing the ammunition, including a fuze punch and a fuze saw. The Gunner carries the sight, which takes various forms depending upon the model of gun. The prolonge, a heavy tow rope, was wound onto two hooks on the upper surface of the trail of the gun carriage, and the sponge-rammers and worms were hung from implement hooks under the carriage. The two handspikes hung from each cheek of the field carriage. The caisson had slots for holding an axe and a pick. The tarbucket (left) hung under the limber and contained the grease for the wheels. The water bucket (right) hung off the axle of the field carriage and held water for keeping the sponge moist.

    6- Not a thing. It might be in use, forgotten or jammed.

    God Bless You and Our Southern People.

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    That's pretty low, posting your homework assignment on here trying to get other people to do it. If you don't do your own homework, you're never going to learn anything and you're just going to wind up flipping burgers at McDonald's. Do some research. can tell you a crazy-lotta information about the Civil War, and I bet all your answers are right there in your history book. It would take you two seconds to open it and flip to the index in the back.

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    I know some of the answers but I am not going to help you cheat on your homework. You need to read your history book and find out for yourself.

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    1- Dog Tags (But they called it a disc)

    2-Dont know

    3- He was a Confederate soldier who, during a battle, gave water to drink to Union soldiers that were trying to take Fredricksburg.

    4-Stonewall Jackson

    5-I assume you are talking about the ramrod, which stuffs the charge deep in the cannon barrel.

    6-Dont know

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    Then do the rest. Do the assigned reading and answer the questions yourself. That way you will not be cheating and will preserve your reputation as an honest person.


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    Yes I can

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    "wat" are you asking me for? Do your own howmork.

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