how to reduce or remove aging brown spots?

also on the legs and arms there are tons of small dots of blood underneath the skin...then the area becomes brown...why? what to do now?

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    ge spots are annoying to those that get them. Age spots are brown spots that typically start to pop up on the back of hands with someone in their forties and fifties. Age spots are caused by years of direct exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation, which damages the color-producing cells of the skin. The cells, called melanocytes, then go into overdrive, producing too much color. Unfortunately no matter what you do to lighten them, the spots will come right back if you are exposed to the sun, which is impossible for anyone to avoid.

    There are natural remedies as opposed to the medicated remedies, such as sun block creams, that can help reduce or even eliminate age spots.

    Aromatherapy – Helps fade the spots by using essential oils of lemon and benzoin that have bleaching properties. Combine two or three drops of one of the oils with a vegetable oil, such as almond, then apply the mixture to the spot twice a day.

    Licorice and Glycolic Acid – Is a beautiful solution that is often hard to find. A beauty product containing glycolic acid and licorice extract can work wonders to lighten or eliminate age spots. Glycolic acid consists of natural sugar acids derived from citrus, papaya, and other foods. It gently exfoliates the top layer of the skin, while the licorice bleaches the spot. Follow the instructions on the label when applying.

    Honey and Yogurt – A natural bleach that is a mixture of honey and yogurt, which creates a natural bleach that can help lighten age spots. To apply this natural remedy to reduce age spots, use one teaspoon of plain yogurt, add one teaspoon of honey and mix thoroughly. Apply the mixture to your hands; let it dry, then after 30 minutes wash it off. Doing this once a day will remove those age spots naturally.

    Gotu Kola – Encourages cell growth. The herb gotu kola may help fight age spots as a natural remedy by stimulating the growth of new, healthy cells and the production of collagen, which is the protein that holds skin together. Use a tincture or capsule form of the herb daily. Add one drop of tincture to ¼ cup of water and take three times a day, or take one or two 60 mg capsules a day.

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    If your talking about brown age spots on your face go see an

    esthetician. They can assess your skin and apply chemical face peels to help remove the spots, also prescribing a lighting cream. But if you want fast results you can also get lasor treatment by the esthetician, more expensive but great benefits. It also tightens skin, and reduce the look of large poors. I get them once yearly and get great complements on my skin! Everyone wants to know my secret.

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    I suggest the anti aging body line and face line re9 by Arbonne it has things in the cream/serum to help fade spots and tighten skin.

    I have noticed the spots on my face are gone.

    I also suggest getting a lufa and or using a sea salt shower scrub to help with the skin on your body.

    Source(s): RN skin care consultant (ask for free samples)
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    Try a skin brightening cream. Avon has it. So does Bath and Body Works...Wexler line and Co Bigelow line. You could also go to a dermatologist and see what they could do.

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    walgreens has a product to lighten the age spots .

    or you could use ambi cream products this really will lighten up the age spots

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    Olay products

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    try going to the doctor and seeing what kind of cremes and mousturisers that would help or try the dermotoligist

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    apply lemon juice mixed with honey

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    go to a skin consultant...

    or you can try some whitening lotion??

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