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Has anyone seen Rohtenburg (Butterfly: A Grim Love Story) with Keri Russell as the lead?

I'd like to get some reviews. Thanks!

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    I have seen Butterfly: A Grim Love Story.

    also known as Grimm Love in the USA.

    At the beginning of the movie it says this

    " What you are about to see is inspired by a true story that occurred in Germany not too long ago."

    I don't know if that's true or not but it does set the mood for a scary ride into the darkest shadow of a deeply distorted mind.

    Kerri Russell did a good job and the other actors were good also. The story is very disturbing and not for the faint of heart. If you like the movie The Silence of the Lambs then you will probably like this film.

    It has a very interesting feel to it. It is so unlike any other thrillers or horror movies that I have seen. It doesn't try to gross you out or feed you nonsense like many other films do when trying to achieve a dark and moody set. It is very easy to fall into the horror of what is happening and then get chills when you think about what is going on.

    I thought it was a good film.

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    not yet, I bet it's depressing like the new movie about the clinton's lovelife

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    its interesting, and keri is quite good


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