How Will Gay Marriage Ruin MY Faith & Family Values Exactly?

My husband and our two kids and I live in a gated community where there are a three gay couples, two with children. I still do not see exactly HOW their families and relationships pose a threat to MY family and MY children. Surely we've been here almost ten years, SOMETHING must happen by now. Yet my marriage is strong, my children are well adjusted and doing well and we are still Christian and worship regularly and help in our communities etc. Even the CHILDREN of the gay couples I know are wonderful. They are bright, emotionally balanced kids and no more gay than MY kids. So WHERE exactly is the threat I hear all the time from certain Chrsitians?

HOW exactly is it supposed to happen? Give me the step BY step please.

Now I believe MARRIAGE is between man and wife but WHY should I deny gay couples civil unions?

When did it become MY duty and measure as a Christian to deliberately stand in the way of a person’s right to quality of life, freedom and family life?


How could I in good conscience make it MY business to deny a gay person the right to be able to visit and care for his loved one in hospital or any of the other things essential to his well being and that of his family? Are there not practical considerations that are necessary for everyone to have a productive life irregardless of whether they abide by all the religious rules I follow?

I can understand being "traditional" and religous about marriage. But a civil union is purely a secular document that has NOTHING to do with your faith or church etc. In fact it also protects straight people who do not WANT a religious marriage either.

Why are certain Christians also against THAT?

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    It's not gay marriage that ruins families. It is gay people pretending to be straight to please homophobic Christians that ruin families.

    My brother in law is gay. He has cheated on my kid sister more than once with another man. He is in and out of the ex-gay movement and it is a cause of distress, strain and discourd in our ENTIRE family. It looks like divorce is the only way out and the two kids they managed to have will suffer GREATLY!

    I think Christians who are against gay people forming loving partnerships and families with other gay people should ask themselves,

    "Would you rather gay people form partnerships with straight people instead?"

    It's a disaster and will do MORE to damage society.

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    Gay marriage will not affect you, your faith or your children. It will affect society though. I love ALL PEOPLE. Not just myself or my family. I am not selfish in any way. It is because of this Love I have for all people that I hate any lifestyle that hurts people. I even love gay people, drunks, drug users, people who have multiple sex partners, theives, murders, rapests, adulters, and those that abuse their children or spouses. But I hate there lifestyle and actions because it hurts themselves or others. Homosexual lifestyle is very dangerous to the people who live it. This is proven fact and is taught in health. People who love and support such lifestyles must hate the homosexual. You can't love both. Homosexual marriage is not good for society. It is fact that a child needs both a father and mother. A woman can't be a man nor a man be a woman. Both sexes play an important role in a childs life. I know society wants us to believe that men can be woman and vise versa. Studies have shown this is not true and children suffer when they don't have a mother and father. These children grow with a great disadvantage in life. They don't know how to interact with people of the opposite sex. Studies have also shown that girls normally marry a man much like their fathers and men marry woman much like their mother and when they get married they treat their spouce much like mom and dad did. Interesting study. So, if you support homosexual marriage then how can you love children or society. Remember, those children will grow up.

    Let me ask you something, how does a man beating his wife affect my family or my faith? How does an man who gets drunk every night affect my family or my faith? Should I allow these things happen because it doesn't affect me? Is that true love? Do you love someone enough to help them stop living a distructive life or are you selfish. Love isn't selfish.


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    I agree with everything you say -- except this...

    If you feel gay couples deserve all the same rights, why not the word itself?

    In modern culture, marriage has become a two pronged concept -- a cultural expression and a contractual expression. It has become dissociated from its ties to religion; it is an institution all its own.

    In the TV series 'Farscape', one of the characters, Rigel, has this word 'frell' he uses quite often. 'Frell' conjugates and is used exactly as the so-called "f word". "Go frell yourself," "this is un-frelling-believable," "oh frell," are all phrases Rigel has been heard to utter. And yet the FCC has never stopped the use of the word 'frell' -- simply because it isn't the "f word."

    Which is TRULY more important, the sound, or the meaning? And if the meaning, well, since you're willing to give all the MEANING to gay couples - why not dispense with the religious placation in this supposedly religiously free country, and give us the sounds with it?

    'Civil union' is to 'Frell' what 'Marriage' is to the "F Word" -- all of the meaning, none of the cultural knee-jerk reaction.

    Maybe the culture should just get over itself. Marriage sacred? Christians lost the right to use that claim when the divorce rate topped 50%, and is even higher amongst Christians.

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    Thank you for asking this question. You have shared a story that rings true. There is no harm in letting homosexual couples marry and build strong families. Also I think it is time the nasty rumors be put to rest there is a big difference between a homosexual and a bi sexual as compared to a real threat to society called pedophiles which I feel are true scum.

    I believe my great aunt was a lesbian and she died while her partner had to look on because she was listed as single. She was brought back to the family where she did not want to be away from her partner to have them commit her to more surgeries that where killing her inside and her partner did not have a voice. Once she died the family got the insurance money and her partner had requested the body to take it back to her home of 60 years and she was denied that.

    FYI not a born again Zombie sounds awfully zombish.

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    We are coming up on the sixth anniversary of the legalization of same-sex marriage in Canada. Society has not collapsed. People are going about their lives. There are as many happy and unhappy families across the country as ever.The world is unfolding as it should. Of course, Canada has a far smaller proportion of religious extremists than its neighbor to the south. That may explain why the United States, which prides itself on the freedoms that it guarantees its people, and constantly exalts the individual over any group, continues to deny to lesbians and gays the same marriage rights that it provides for others. So many devout Christians, who would never stand for Muslims imposing their religious laws upon them, are quick to demand that everyone accept *their* religious restrictions. It's, "Don't talk to me about *your* holy book!" along with, "I insist that you follow the rules of *my* book!" Nice people, right? Logical and fair would you say?

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    I was never so ashamed to be from the Buckeye state as the year that they put Marriage = 1 man + 1 woman on the friggen ballot, and it passed. I am pro-gay marriage, pro gay-rights and I am even for having them as a protected minority for jobs and such. It's ridiculous how they are treated, and it's time for all to stand up and say so.

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    Excellent question.

    My answer would be that gay marriage won't affect your life or anybody else's except those that choose to take part in one.

    I'm not gay but I'm with you, I don't understand why people get so worked up about this issue.

    Just because something is legal doesn't mean you have to do it!

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    It doesn't. As long as there is honest love, it can't be wrong. If thier faith believes they can marry, then let them. Marriage is religous, not legal. Legal comes from the marriage license. They should not be denied basic rights. It doesn't effect what you believe. Why ppl are so convinved that we are so weak in what we believe that EVERYTHING will corrupt is beyond me.

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    Under mans law we all have our freedom to choose,but thats not what God said and thats whats wrong with us we are tolerating anything and the man made laws are saying if it feels good do it they got away from the original content the Bible,the same sex marriages are held under a perverse spirit and they need deliverance,they are people to and since you are living in there community be an example to them,let your light shine and since God considers it an abomination why would you tolerate it,their children do not need to raised in an atmoshere with the same sex to be mother and father and since demons transfer as a christian its your responsibility to watch your own children since children go by what they see,and they dont start practicing their lifestyle,thats why God destroyed sodom and gommorah because of illecit sex of all kinds,yes its your responsibility to stand for righteousness because if we dont stand for something we fall for anything,you cant change people places or things but you have to draw the line in what you are going to believe in and all you can do is treat them as individuals and pray for them God says dont touch no unclean thing the people are only unclean with the spirit they are carrying and you draw the line what you want your children to be taught .We as people passed the gay marriage law thats not the original intent the devil is taking gods marriage covenant and making a mockery of it sexual immorality,adultery,fornication gay marriages get the point,and we become what we hang around so thats how it will eventually effect you and your family,Satan trying to slip in on the sly be careful ,try just being a witness to them and pray only God can change the situation so my question to you is what are you going to stand for Godliness or worldiness .Lisa

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    Gay Marriage does not ruin anything..... We love just like heterosexuals... Where is the harm in that? The Christians that say those things are close-minded. THEY NEED TO GROW UP!!

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