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Should the Queen remain the Australian head of state?

I know the Aussies like the association with a bit of culture but it really is time they stood on their own and frankly the Brits tend to find the association a bit embarrasing. A bit like having your incontinent dog come with you to a job interview. Perhaps we could keep the association with the aboriginies and tell the convicts to sort of run along. Perhaps they could have George Bush as there head of state, that would be more their cup of castlemain xxxx.


Thanks for that Len mate me old billabong. I can`t take much more and poor old Will has fallen off his stool and spilt his beer. Everytime he looks at the computer just sets him off again.

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    Hahaha my dear boy, thats why so many of you are immigrating here ! Your own country is a cold, wet shivering decaying mess of what used to be ! Most Australians can't stand the association with England, you see, we see you as either weak and skinny very pale skinned incompetent little men or grossly overweight pale skinned fools ! Either way we know you can't play sport of any kind and fail on the International stage time and time again ! I simply can't think of any sport where England can beat Australia ! Being little mummies boys is probably why you idlolise a Queen ! Very feminine isn't it ! hahaha

    Your very easy to spot here we just look on the beach for the white glow of pale skinny weakness, it's honestly as though you have never seen the sun when you arrive here ! Can't play Cricket, Swim without drowning here, play Rugby League, or Cycle what can you do ?

    Just so you know only about 2% of Australians are decendants of the convict days. Due to holding vast land grants over many generations most are now worth several Million dollars each, many much more than that ! Is that the best revenge ? Being worth more than the average Britt could ever dream of !

    We never forgot Gallipoli either and the hopeless bumbling failure to plan of the Brittish ! Who's officers were busey sipping cups of tea on a far away peninsular while the hard Anzacs fought ! Or the failure of the Brittish to refuse to release Australian and New Zealand troops from Africa to defend our country against the Japanese onslought ! I can understand why Americans may share the same view !

    I don't mind the Irish or Scottish who seem to have far greater reasons for hating the English ! and i have never met a New Zealander who enjoyed the company of a Pom ! A monarchy is the last thing we relate to here, so why would you beleive we should adore YOUR decrepid old Queen ?

    Honestly you may once have been a global power and a "parent" Nation if you will, but now you can't win a cricket match and frankly it's becoming embarassing, your pension is about to run out !

    Source(s): Popular views and Historical facts. Thanks Don and Will now can I have the top points ? hahaha you must admit it is true though ! Enjoy your beer, i'm not having one yet ! VB or Carlton Draught please not XXX, oh and the sheep thing is a New Zealand joke, but they don't like you either ! Why was my GrandMother born in England ?????
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    What concern is it of yours?

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