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Is there a postive correlation between EQ and IQ?

I know that it's definitely not 1, but I was wondering if there's any correlation at all (like above .6).

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    .....You won't get a research-based answer to this question, because EQ is a much more vague concept than IQ. It consists of many subvariables, most of which are themselves vague, such as "people skills." Also, there is no standard way to measure EQ. No valid, reliable way to get data about EQ.

    But logically, EQ is a completely different concept than IQ, measuring unrelated mental abilities. I would assume that if it were possible to examine correlation, you would not find anything meaningful (above 0.40). I would guess close to zero or even negative correlation.

    Source(s): 20 years studying the research in cognitive neuroscience and its application to human personality, behavior, performance and learning.
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    No they are not entirely interlinked, as evidenced by some of the most brilliant minds having very poor Emotional Intelligence.

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    both theories.

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