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但是請不要用翻譯軟體 拜託!!

星期五就要用 很急 感激不盡!!



就學時期,我參加了學校裡服務性質社團 OOO,開啟我服務人群的熱忱,印象最深刻的是,與社團的老師和同學們一起到八里療養院去陪老人們聊天幫忙打掃環境,除了要耐心傾聽他們的心聲,更要細心的注意到他們的需求,還記得我們要離開的那一天,一位老奶奶握著我的手說 妹妹謝謝你,看著布滿皺紋臉上的和藹笑容,我的內心是多麼踏實。




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    Fine scenery simple and honorable small villages and towns OO, is the place which I grow, in the family altogether has 4 members, the father is engaged in the pamphlet business business, the mother is the housewife who is competent for the post, elder brother is on the network company, entire family four with happy happy.But although I am in the family am old do not have arrogant and willful actually, because the parents thought has not endured hardship the child, did not know is grateful, therefore, mother trains me to help the housework since childhood the custom, she did not hope I become the daughter young lady who tea puts out a hand, to be waited on hand and foot.

    I go study at present in OO university OO am the 4th class, in class although is not is among the best, but continuously is also maintaining on degree.When the third year once by exchanged student's identity university to study in O country's OO, because my individuality along with gathered likes being together with the human, therefore became friends with very many various countries in during this year the friend, I studied from these friend body to the various countries' culture widens own field of vision, but although already left a O country for more than year we to use e-mail to maintain the sentiment frequently, in O country study period, as it concerns me was the valuable experience which could not buy with the money.

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