Does scripture say why Muslims(Ishmaelites) are so hard to Conquer ?

The Romans and Greeks could never conquer or Hellenize the children of Ishmael.

1-----After Abraham had lived ten years in the land of Canaan, Abram's wife Sarai took Hagar the Egyptian, her maid, and gave her to her husband Abram as HIS WIFE. -- GENESIS 16:3

2------So Hagar bore Abram a son; and Abram called the name of HIS SON, whom Hagar bore, ISHMAEL. - GENESIS 16:15

Rabbi Frand points out additionally that the Ishmaelite are armed with a potent weapon, a supreme weapon --the power of prayer. After all, Ishmael is born as a result of the power of prayer. The angels tell Hagar (Genesis 16:11) --- "Hee'nach harah v'ya'ladet ben," behold you are going to bear a child, "Kee sha'ma Hashem et ahn'yaich," for G-d has heard the cry of your travail. In the wilderness of Paran (Arabia), Ishmael himself is saved by the power of prayer and granted a miraculous spring of water. Genesis 21:17, "Kee sha'ma Elokim et kol ha'na'ar," G-d heard the cries of the infant (Ishmael), the angel tells Hagar.

Muslims have a great love for prayer and they pray with zeal--five times a day. They are willing to march for thousands of miles to visit Mecca and Medina in order to show their commitment to prayer.

Jewish texts about the first son of Abraham, state from the verses in Genesis (which were revealed hundreds of years before the Quran) that the Ishmaelite will be a “perah adam, a WILD man, a free man”.

Modern commentators now interpret the above as : They will constantly raise their hand against all other men who have authority. As if freedom is the only honor. They will forever be “men who kick like wild donkeys against those who come to shackle them”. They will be the most difficult people on earth to conquer and oppress, but the perfect people to entrust with a divine message.


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    Whatever you say, just do not blow up the oil well.

    The revenues goes into your own pocket, after all.

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    An excellent question!

    The way I see it, the "wild man" verse in Genesis is often quoted by Christians against Ishmael, as if he was a bad-seed child; therefore, he didn't qualify to be the covenant child. To me, that somehow makes Isaac look like a "Mr. Goody-Two-Shoes," like he never got into trouble and thought he was superior to Ishmael due to being born of a free woman, not a maidservant. That's a sign of arrogance, and arrogance has no place in the life of a prophet/servant of Almighty God.

    Both of them were the sons of Abraham. Neither of them asked for that honor. Being the sons of Abraham meant that he taught them both to have a deep reverence, respect, and love for The Almighty and to always give Him the glory, praise, and worship. No favoritism. Neither Sarah nor Hagar could stop him from doing that.

    Almighty God Allah promised Abraham to make Ishmael a great nation, and he believed Him. If The Creator promises to make your child a great nation, that is something great, something good, something to look forward to. That definitely is nothing bad, wrong, or evil. In all likelihood, the "wild man" verse has a good meaning to it, but people make it into something bad. That's very strange, since the name "Ishmael" means "God hears."

    It's also strange that in Genesis, Almighty God promises to make Ishmael a great nation, but in Psalms 83:6, the Ishmaelites (Arabs) and the Hagarines (Africans) are "enemies unto Me." Unfortunately, this makes The Almighty look like a liar, something which is, or should be, very repulsive to all Muslims.

    Many people consider us Muslims as their enemies. I don't think they're going to make us great any time soon!

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    "The angel of the Lord also said to her:

    'you are now with child and you will have a son. You shall name him Ishmael(meaning God hears), for the Lord has heard of your misery. He will be a wild donkey of a man; his hand will be against everyone and everyone's hand against him, and he will live in hostility toward all his brothers.' " Genesis 16:11-12

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    I'm simply going to respond to your initial question.

    It's not hard to conquer anybody if you have the will to do so. In a nutshell, the problem with modern humanity is that we've become so "sensitive" and desirous of getting along with "everybody" and not using rational judgement anymore to deal with real problems, that we lack the social, political, and religious backbone to face whatever problem goes against the modern grain of "tolerance" and "acceptance".

    I'm very certain that it doesn't speak well of modern man to blindfold himself with the illusion that all people at all times possess equally relevant and valid perspectives from religion to politics to world affairs.

    As vast and complex as human nature is in these and other areas of life, and without the resolute will to be able to tell someone, based on available and unbiased facts, that they're wrong without falling prey to the incessant charge of insensitivity to obscure the obvious remedy, no problem currently facing us religiously or socially will avail themselves to sound, rational, and meaningful dialogue.

    Until these issues are addressed, the rampaging children of Ischmael will continue unfettered and unchallenged in a world whose people just want to "look good" and "feel good" about their self-image in the eyes of their complacent peers.

    Source(s): Meanwhile, the blood continues to flow unabated.
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    I hope you're not implying they should be conquered...

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