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Where to buy NFL jerseys?

I want to buy a DeMarcus Ware (Dallas Cowboys) jersey in a size youth XL (or equal adult size.) The only place I can find that even sells a DeMarcus Ware jersey is, and there it is only sold in adult sizes which cost $75, which is $25 more than the youth sizes on the site, no matter if it is adult small or youth XL. Does anyone know of any place I can find a youth XL Ware jersey for the regular youth size of $50 or $55? Most sites only sell 3 or 4 other Cowboys players, and not Ware for some reason.

Update: looked promising, but it still did not sell a Ware jersey. He is a pretty good and popular player, so I don't know why his jersey is not carried. Surely most people would buy his jersey of Roy Williams or Julius Jones or even Drew Bledsoe who is no longer even on the team.

Update 2:

The problem with getting a customizable jersey is that they cost like $100+ bucks.

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    If this doesn't do it for you in size, customize your own jersey. It will still be expensive but that's the way it is. You may be able to find slightly misprinted jerseys at places like Gabriel Brothers for 15 bucks or so. That's where I found my Deltha O'Neal jersey and I've gotten two jerseys customized and been very happy with them.

    I got one (customized jersey) for the same price as a regular one... about $75

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    Nike Seattle Seahawks #24 Marshawn Lynch White With C Patch Super Bowl XLVIII Women Stitched NFL Elite Jersey 23.00 5

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    I am more old-school when it comes to football .. Next on my list is a JACKSON 34 Raiders black or GREEN 28 Redskins burgandy. Or possibly a MOON 1 Oilers blue, to tick off Cowgirls fans lol .. But please, do us all a favour, if you get a retired player .. read up on them. I don't expect you to know everything about Jan Stenerud but if you get a Joe Montana at least know he won 4 super bowls as the 49ers quarterback in the 80s get my drift? To the Cowboys fans, Texas State Prison jerseys signed by Pacman will be auctioned off to the lowest bidder at the next home game. Going once .. going twice .. not sold To be honest though, I am much more into hockey.

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    Cheap authentic nfl jerseys

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    ***** Sporting Goods, The Sports Authority, NFL online.

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    EBAY!!!! Type in:

    "Player Name" Authentic Jersey (Size)


    Jason Taylor Authentic Jersey 48

    I got a Taylor and a Ronnie Brown jersey with the tags on them for $35 each.

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    5 years ago is the one i prefer

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    Hey here is a DeMarcus Ware Jersey buy it now for a starting bid of $4 and buy it now for $49. It ends in six days.

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