Access 2000- Please Help Me! :(?

A project I have due tomorrow is to create a home inventory database in Access 2000.

I need 4 tables, the 4th is supposed to be a link to all other tables. The tables i have so far are: electronics, jewelry , and furniture. I have a few fields in each table such as: Item name, type, condition, purchase price, value, and room) The "Room" field is for the location of item in house.

Can any Access whiz help me out to plan this database?

Here are my main questions:

If my fourth table is supposed to be a link to all other tables, should that link be the "Rooms" Table?

What would be appropriate primary keys for each table? The Name field?

Would the best relationship be "Rooms" ? Are there any other possible relationships you think I could create?

* When I first tried creating this database I used rooms as the relationship and enforced integrity but when I went to view subforms in the rooms table, nothing showed up. What am I doing wrong?

Your help is hugely appreciated!

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    1 decade ago
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    I answered this for you previously.

    There is a sample database for this at the Office Web site:

    You can simply download that and tinker with it to see how it works and give you ideas.

  • 1 decade ago

    I think that you are a little off base with your design.

    You should have:

    an Item table that describes the item.

    a category table that states what type of item is in the item table

    a room table that states where in the house the item is located

    an inventory table that states the item, the amount, and the room

    You might then have specialized items (jewelery, electronics, furniture) but only if these table have different fields than the item table (this will also make your database fairly complicated.

  • 1 decade ago

    goto this site :

    you will get a better idea from their db models

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