Friends ?!?!?!?! r They REALLY YOUR FRIENDS?!?!?!?

I have a friend and we have been friends 4 like ever and all of the sudden she will not talk to me and is actin' all imature when I try to talk to her?Then she gangs up on me with other friends and excludes me from EVERYTHING she does =( what is up with her Is she really my freind or is she playing me!/1?!/!/

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    She is probably playin u i was just in a friend situation last month when my friend did that she is trying 2 make a fool out of u so she looks better. Take advice from someone who knows......... If she is gonna be that way it might be hard to dump here but kick her to the curb if u have to it's better than bein made a fool out of!!!!!

    Also u will find other ppl who will like u and won't gang up on u !!!! u r your on person be yourself an make a decison that is best 4 u!!!!! I have been friends with my friend ever since kindergarden and she is like that too me. Eventually she will relize what a ***** she was and come running back into your arms and then tell her if she wants to be your friend tell her than u need to treat me like and friend!!!!!

    Hope i could help

    Best of Luck to u!!!!!=p

  • Kids are cruel these days...and I think either you might have done or said something to make her act that way towards you, or else she's just weird and woke up one day and said "You know what I think I am going to give ____hell today for absolutely no reason?!"


    *So is there some drama behind the scenes that you didn't tell us about, because I can't imagine that she would just be acting that way unless you did something to her, whether it was unintentional or not. Or maybe she's just jealous of you, so she acts like a jerk and treats you badly to make herself feel superior and better.

    .Also if those other girls were your REAL friends, then they wouldn't listen to her, and they would still include you in what they do and they would still treat you as if nothing is wrong. So that in itself says a number right there.

    .Anyways...forget the mean girl, who needs her?

    .I would try and talk to some of the other girls who you usually hang out with and ask them what is going on.

    .....good luck.

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    Youre going to find out real quick that most people have their best interests at heart, and a friendship can sometimes end when it collides w/ the other persons interests. Dont sweat it, and dont put so much value in some people. At the end, its family that is always there for u, not friends.

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    LET me tell you something been there done that myself........started in like the 4th grade...same thing as what your going thru. When we got to middle school and she moved to another town (still same middle school just different town) she "let" me come over a few times and the only reason I went was because I thought I WAS doing something to make her do this to me (she was an only child whose parents punished her regularly, saw them smack her in the face one time) eventually she got new friends and we NEVER talked again. I still have nightmares about and WORRY myself about it...........DONT do that..........go on with your life find other friends.........dont waste your time PLEASE...Im almost 40 and I still regret caring THAT much what she thought! dont do that to yourself.......take it from someone who knows ALL to well what your going thru.......good luck

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  • 1 decade ago

    People sometimes change and not always for the better. If she was really your friend, she would not do that to you. I'm sure that there are better people there to be friends with

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    well i think u r totally wrong about her because she not Ur real friend so try to find someone else nice like u !

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    a classmate of mine once said that life is too short! so just let her be cause she probably likes that your chasin after her, so my advice let her be. eventually she'll come to you.

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    1 decade ago

    what have you been up to lately?

    do you think she think youv'e done something wrong?

    those are question that you should think about also if these don't help then shes probaby playing you but if you have, apoligise....!

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    no she is not your friend. a friend would not treat you that way. move on and find new friends that will be nice to you.

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