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How Should You Indulge Your Senses?


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    Candy Store

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    I have indulged enough already; now it is time to de-indulge (yet I made up that word) and perhaps be selectively counter-productive. Active practice of minimal consumption is the key to generate a rather content & balanced outlook on life. One does not necessarily have to lower quality but one should seriously look into considering what is needed and what is pure impulse. Impulse is indulgence and it is merely momentary pleasure that is relatively hard to resist once there. Trying super hard to kick the habit here; so thank you for being kind enough to ask this question and good luck with your indulgences...

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    Take a long bubble bath with aromatherapy candles lit and your favorite music playing in the background. Sip champagne while doing so. Pure heaven.

  • Juju
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    1 decade ago

    Drink wine

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