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Can not loh in with vista home?

Since I got my new lab top with windows vista home edition and i can not log in , any suggestion or help pls. ?

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    What do you mean you cannot login? Are you getting any error message? like your password be accepted or are you getting a bluescreen?

    If Password is invalid

    Go to Safemode

    a. Shutdown the computer

    b. Turn the computer on start tapping on F8 continuously

    c. Login in Safemode

    d. Press Enter twice

    e. Login as Administrator

    f. Press yes

    g. Open User Accounts

    h. Click your name

    i. Remove Password

    If not that, Contact your Computer Manufaturer or Contact Microsoft Vista Full Support 1-800-936-5700

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    try logging in w/ Username: Administrator. Password: blank

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    Call tech support

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