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Saporo Japan?

tell me everything you know about saporo japan


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    Lots of good info already!

    Here a few great things I know (and love) about Sapporo:

    ①Yuki Matsuri (Snow Festival), I try to go every year.


    ②Genghis Khan, Lamb BBQ in Sapporo

    ③Sapporo beer!!

    ④Great skiing

    ⑤♡GREAT PEOPLE, of course...♡

    I could go on and on, but....

    Hope this helps!

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    I used to live in Sapporo, now I live in a town a couple of hours away. Sapporo is a nice, clean laid out city. Its one of the newer cities in Japan so its got a smart street layout., The people are friendly, food is good, has a lot of variety. Not as busy and packed with people as other parts of Japan. Very safe and no scary people roaming the streets. There is a beautiful strip of park going through the middle of the city, I was there a few weeks ago. I sat in the park and watched a camera crew. I also got on TV. Woot! It was fun.

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    I have never been there, but I have friends living there. They say that it is a great city. The people are nice and the streets are not crowded like they are in Tokyo or Osaka. The summer weather is very nice, but the winter is bitterly cold. Lots of snow and winter sports. Famous for the brand of beer with the same name. Sapporo dome is a relativly new structure for large events and baseball games.

    I plan to go for a visit and skiing some day soon.

  • Adam
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    I went to Sapporo. It is a nice city to visit. I loved the architecture because it is so different than other places in Japan. I went in August and it was even a little chilly. In the wintertime there is great skiing in the mountains just outside the city. There is good hiking too. There are lots of great cultural and historical activities. I especially enjoyed the "Historical Village." It is easy to get around by bus or train. Great food and nice people. I am not exactly sure what you'd like to know.

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    A pretty good beer shares the name with the city, maybe it's made there.

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    Its a great beer....Saporo

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