staph infections and tattoos?

my neice got a tattoo about a mon ago.she noticed that one of her stars wasnt healing.well it got a pimple looking thing on it and that popped.well long story short she went to the doc cause she got a big boil looking thing on her hip.the doc said it was question is did she get it from the tattoo artist not using sterile equipment or is staph just something you can get?im wondering because i frequent this shop and if its from unsterile equipment i dont want to go there anymore!!


thanx rider mine are fine!!she got the tat on her foot and the staph spread to other parts of her body!!ugh!!

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    Hey Mama (how are you and yours?)....The answer to your question is......that no one will ever know. The bacteria that causes staph infection can be found everywhere. It is quite possible that your neice had the bacteria on her hands and transfered it to the tattoo while applying lotion. (Which is why you should ALWAYS wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap before caring for a tattoo). If the shop autoclaved their equipment and the artist didn't break the sterile field then it's unlikely that the infection originated there. Myself I wouldn't stop using this shop based on one incident. However, if a cluster of people with staph infected tattoos all came from the same shop that would be a wakeup call.

    Rider (inked but not infected)

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    Staph Infection Tattoo

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    It could be from the shop, but there's probably no way to prove it. If you're really concerned, the shop should be able to show you the notice of results from their last health department inspection (usually annual).

    Any open wound can get infected with staph bacteria, and that's basically what a tattoo is - an area of your skin covered with puncture wounds. That's the biggest reason why you have to take very good care of your tattoo, especially when it's healing. A tattoo anyplace where your clothing will rub on it (like hip, shoulder, foot, etc.) is more prone to infection.

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    Deeeeefinitely go get that checked out, don't leave your life to some internet user with no medical training. Staph infection can be highly dangerous and kill you, so go get it checked by a doctor for sure!

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    Staph can come from several things..Yes it can come from the shop..but It can also come the healing process..Did the fresh tattoo come in contact with anything contaminated? The doctor is supposed to report any staph infections from tattoo shops to the health dept..So you can check with your local health dept and see if there have been any other cases with that shop.

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    My best friend got staph all around her tattoo because she used vasoline, I went to the same artist the same day and got a tattoo not even five minutes after he finished hers and I never got boils or staph because I lisitened to the after care instructions, she didn't and that's why she got it!

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