What would have to change in Iraq for you to change your position on the war?

For thos who support the war: How much worse would Iraq have to get before you'd believe it was time to pull out?

For those who support withdrawing the troops: What kind of improvements would have to happen before you'd believe that we needed to stay?


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    My opinion won't change AGAIN.

    Initially I was taken in by the WMD's and the imment threat ... and then after we had invaded .. It started to dawn on me .. IF there had of been WMD .. sadam would have used them .. as he would have had nothing to lose by doing so... so THEN I started to question things some .. and I haven't stopped since..

    HOWEVER .. I am not pro-troop withdrawal .. We made a hell of a mess and we can't just cut and run now .. we HAVE to do something to try and stem the threat of a civil war breaking out ... How ever bad sadam was... and there's no disputing he was bad .. the nation was a hell of a lot more stable under his domineering rule.. than what it is now ..

    we have helped create that instability, for what ever reason .. WMD ( that turned out NOT to be there) .. a regime change ( was it REALLY OUR PLACE TO INSTIGATE THAT ?) .. Imminent threat ( what was it again .. 40 minutes????) and It suited the powers to be to invade .. and now thousands upon thousands of innocent civilians are in peril ... we need to have a Peace Keeping Corp in place .

    The comparrisons to Vietnam started very early .. and we're all gunna be There in Iraq for some time yet .. Let's just hope things start to improve.

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    Dubya didn't want to tell the enemy when we were leaving saying that all they need to do is wait, so are we going to be there permanently for the next 50 years? It doesn't matter when we leave, the insurgents will move in irrespectively and take over because the corruption within the new Iraqi heirarchy is everywhere according to senior military personnel on the ground.

    There is no right time, similar to the Vietnam crisis and the only way is to vote out Bush next election and allow a Democrat to make the tough decisions for him. Bush's pride is costing Americanlives, bring the troops home tomorrow. Why not?

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    1 decade ago

    How much "worse" you ask? This is a subjective term. So in order to answer your question properly we must first define a normative standard.

    The committment of the civilian population to a given war might be proportional to the number of casualties taken. Certainly this was the case in the Vietnam war with just under 60,000 KIA. But in other conflicts, many more casualties were sustained with minimal wavering of support from the civilian population. For example WWII produced nearly half a million American KIA.

    The Iraq war has not yet produced 4,000 KIA as of yet and this is over a period of several years. Compared to other conflicts this attrition rate is remarkably low.

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    History would have to change!There would have to be a connection to 9/11.There would have to be weapons of mass destruction.And there would have to be an imminent threat to the U.S.Otherwise,what happened was nothing more than an invasion of a sovereign country that we had been bombing for a decade or so.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I support the war.. I would have to believe that 911 never happened and that the extremist Muslims do not wish to kill us.I would have to believe that Iraq NEVER coddled terrorists...I would have to believe that helping my neighbor to have choices about their own future is evil... I would have to believe that the U.N. did not vote for the use of force...I would have to believe that Americans (the majority who voted this war in and supported it) are nothing more than a bunch of blood thirsty murderer's bent on world domination.

    I guess I would have to believe the Libs and Dems (most of who fall into that last category of voters as well)

    Source(s): My position will never be changed with lies from those wishing to change it... Conservative Republican
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    Oppose the war. I can not imagine anything that would justify, to me, further military presence.

    I have no problem with staying as a humanitarian effort. We have destroyed the infrastructure of the country leaving the Iraqis with very little. In order to do that the country has to be safe to begin reconstruction. If the Iraqi people want our help in this way they are going to have to decide how to bring about peace in the country. Without that, building can not begin.

    We owe something to these people for our folly, but not our participation in further killing.

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    Iraq is disintegrated society in absence of Saddam. No one can save Iraq from social diaster. Economic diaster is already done - thanks to the Virtual Weapons of Mass Destruction, which were clearly visible to Bush and Powell only.

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    Funny how you don't propose using overwhelming force to achieve victory as an option.

    Now, realistically, it doesn't look like President Bush will allow our military to "take the gloves off" and fight this war like the world knows they can.

    I say, either:

    1. Screw the rules of engagement, take the handcuffs off our soldiers, and let them finish the job.


    2. Just get the hell out of there.

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    It's a full blown civil war there now, there is nothing we can do to stop them killing each other. They have chosen chaos and ethnic cleansing over rebuilding their country, so it's time to leave. Not to mention they are wise to the REAL reason we are there, and it wasn't to liberate Iraq.

  • 1 decade ago

    For me to support the War, you would have to bring back all of our dead girls and boys who have died for what again? Replace Bush and his cabinet with some sort of intelligence.

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