Let's see... john n. mitchell was the only White House official that was led out of the W.H. in handcuffs...

... Was he Democrat of republican?

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    He was a Republican appointed by Nixon to be Attorney General after serving as Nixon's Campaign Manager.

    From site listed he was:

    the first United States Attorney General ever to be convicted of illegal activities and imprisoned.

    On February 21, 1975, Mitchell was found guilty of conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and perjury and sentenced to two and a half to eight years in prison

    I think he actually turned himself in but don't remember exactly. I'm certain that today it would have made round the clock news coverage and we may soon see a repeat by Gonzo the Good.

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    And Slick Willy was also impeached for obstruction of justice

    and perjury, disbarred by the Arkansas State Bar, suspended

    from the Supreme Court which he resigned from rather than

    face a disbarment there as well.

    Hillary could not find the documents that were subpoenaed

    unit 18 months later, after the statue of limitations had expired. Look at the number of DEAD citizens that died

    in mysterious ways, starting with Vince Foster, everyone

    that had planned to testify against Slick Willy and Hillbillary

    are dead. And don't bother with that left winged page that

    shows this to be a de-bunked myth.

    Were they Democrats or a Republicans

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    Shhhh. do not tell each physique yet Clinton, Carter, and different Presidents policies have led to the upward push in gas expenditures. Shhhh Clinton voted down the drilling in Alaska and rancid our coast. don't think all what the media tells you. conflict has been right here simply by fact the beginning up of guy. Congress and Senate has been costing us greater funds additionally. How approximately them not passing charges and policies on being capability self sufficient. i might like all of them get kicked out. Then we don't elect attorneys. merely prevalent people. that genuinely care approximately individuals. we ought to take back this united states of america.

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    John Mitchell was a Republican - and a member of the disgraced Nixon mis-administration. He, along with Zero Spiro Agnew, Nixon's vice president, Nixon himself, and a host of others involved with Nixon are a prime example of shadyness and outright crookedness in Washington.

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    Only two administrations have had high ranking White House officials convicted of planning and executing felony crimes from inside the Oval Office: Reagan’s and Junior’s – making it a republican trifecta.

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    ....and Vicent Foster decided to "commit suicide". ....Was he a Republican or a Democrat???

  • Anonymous
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    clinton lied under oath to federal investigators.........sandy berger broke into the nation archives and stole god knows how many documents

    John murthra was caught on video saying he would be interested in accepting bribes

    Ted Kennedy killed his teenage girlfriend

    no handcuffs, no jail time............no nothing.....it must be great to be a democrat

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